Monday, March 11, 2013

AM~Erica is Trying to Prep the Right Way

So anyway...

This week is one of those weeks with SEVERAL DAYS TO CELEBRATE really closely in the proximity of each other.

Thursday is March 14th...or 3/14 (aka - 3.14)...known as Pi Day. I know it's all mathy & stuffs, and that kind of hurts my head, but I we are going to celebrate with PIE! You know...things like pizza, or quiche, or actual pie. Not sure if or how you plan to celebrate...but here's a starting point!

Friday is March 15th...BEWARE! That's's the Ides of March. The day that Caesar was literally stabbed in the back by his "friends". Since it's all Roman & stuffs...I try to have a Caesar Salad feast fit for a Caesar! HERE'S WHAT WE'VE DONE BEFORE...a lot of fancy-schmacy-like finger foods, salad, antipasto, and maybe even an Orange know, "authentic" Roman. Amm-i-rite?

If there's anything that happens on the 16th, I don't know about we just take a break from celebrating...but then...

Sunday is March 17th! You know what that means? Yep...everyone suddenly becomes Irish. Amm-i-rite? But in weird, weird ways...

There's this bizarre tradition where green beer is guzzled, corned beef & cabbage will be consumed along with anything green or mint, and many are way to eager to start pinching if green is worn...and the Irish music starts blaring in hopes that someone will step up to sing "O Danny Boy".

We Americans are cheesy-celebratory hysterical! We can twist anything into an over-the-top holiday that was never meant to be. It's amazing! And, as you know, I try to celebrate where I can...but I try to do it in the right ways. So I'm about to burst some bubbles...sort of...

First, corned beef & cabbage is not Irish. Did you know that? People who find out that I have a lot of Irish in me automatically figures I enjoy the meal. Ewwww! Now don't get me wrong...give me a potato & I will be happy. However, I was so happy when I found out about 5 years ago that the long-standing AMERICAN St. Patrick's tradition is just that..."American". So think thru your annual events next year when you plan on serving up that corned beef & cabbage for St. Paddy's. Because it's not authentic at all. Cabbage? Yes. Corned Beef? Nope.

Second, just because it's green...that doesn't mean it's Irish. Maybe we've latched onto the whole green thing since Ireland is known for being covered in beautiful, lush, emerald foliage. But the green was always known to denote the Catholics...and orange the Protestants. Hence the colors of the flag. So quit the pinching! And we are not all leprechauns.'s amazing what happens or what we hear that we latch onto for our celebratory "traditions"! Like the music. I love me some Irish music. It's folky & happy...I love it. Not for all the time...but I do enjoy it. Time debunk an old "Irish" favorite! That "O Danny Boy" you expect to hear? Well...guess what. It's not Irish. You can read about it over on my friend's blog HERE. Bill puts it quite well.

As for the beer...maybe not necessarily green...but I'm sure much Guinness will be consumed. Probably a lot of Bailey's & Jameson, too. I don't do a lot of the drinking thing. I'm not a beer drinker. But some Irish coffee is not a bad thing. I actually have a drink I created that is very versatile. Hot or cold; liqueur or's still a Tingling Leprechaun.


Bailey's/Irish Creme
Mint syrup/extract/creamer (very little)
Chocolate syrup
Milk or Cream

I don't have amounts listed since everyone has different tolerance levels. This is just for a regular coffee drink, like I have often. I really like to make mine a breakfast mocha by using Carnation Instant Breakfast, chocolate flavor, Bailey's non-alcoholic or International Delight Irish Creme creamer, International Delight York peppermint patty flavored creamer in my coffee. It can be hot or iced. You can certainly use the liqueur equivalents to these, too.

Beyond this, I do plan on making a slightly adapted, yet still authentic, Irish meal (like a Dublin Coddle). And I will probably be wearin' a green plaid scarf with a cable-knit sweater (if it turns cool enough...which it might not...). OK, maybe a rainbow dress for church...cuz you can't take all the cheesiness out of it for me...but I do try to take things back to their roots. Like HOW WE CELEBRATED LAST YEAR.

So...there's a lot to get ready for this week! What are you planning to do? Is it cheesy or authentic? And do you know the difference?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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