Thursday, February 21, 2013

AM~Erica Has Gone Prime Time Apparently

So anyway...

I'm on a blogging frenzy! I'm not even sure why...but I am. Deal with it!

Not too long after I posted my SNOW DAY BLOG POST FROM EARLIER TODAY, hubby shared with me that the Kansas City Star had put out an article. This article was about how snow days are prime time for mommy bloggers. That's so funny since...I'm a blogger...and, well...a mommy. Even though it wasn't quite the same situation as the mommy blogger they interviewed, it still stands.

But I also have a slight issue with that article. I blog whenever I feel I need to. See the top of the screen? No, not the blog title...underneath that:

"It's like my own reality talk show...but in blog form!"

Like it or not...I'm your host. *bows*

Even though I don't really have a set time or day that & do this, I still cover topics I feel I need to.

And when I started this blog, back in 2007, I was very inconsistent & tried to do too much with it. Then I was hardly doing anything. In 2010...I had only 1 blog post for the entire year!

As I just brought up a few days ago, I GOT TO MY 200th BLOG POST! And it only took me 9 months to get my second hundred. It literally took me almost 5 years to get my 1st hundred.

I've been working on my skills here pretty hard, I guess. Or people can't shut me up. And I have things to say...I have an opinion. And I'm a mommy.

I also know a lot of other incredible mommy bloggers. Guess what...their prime times are not always on a snow day. You know what? Usually that's when they disappear. You know why? I think you can guess...but I'll tell you anyway... They have kiddos at home to take care of!!!

OK, OK...I do, too. But I do have my hubby here to help me due to how his work is handled. So...I get to bring to you all kinds of my brainy-brain workin's. You. Are. Welcome.

Mommy bloggers also tend to use their space for venting. Not all Stepford mommy bloggers who have amazing crafts & write for Pinterest & make money while staying home because they can also work in 900 hours thru the week for couponing & motivational speaking. But most of the mommy bloggers I know use it for venting and support that their insanity is not a total failure. We feel less stranded in the mommy world.

Guess what? Our blogging prime time is every. single. day. And some may be more organized & know what they are blogging about on certain days, or they do it whenever they need to...or can find time in the crazy-SAHMommy schedule.

I blogged 3 times yesterday (a personal record that I don't intend to break), and twice today. Yesterday was not a snow day. Today is.

I cannot make promises about tomorrow...since we found out it will be a snow day, too...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

P.S. ~ If you want some really good mommy blogs, ask me. Like I said...I know a bunch!

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