Sunday, March 3, 2013

AM~Erica Has a Poetic Weekend

So anyway...

If you didn't catch it, yesterday I had my family CELEBRATE DR. SEUSS' BIRTHDAY. From rhyming Seuss style, to eating a Seuss-inspired dinner, to watching "The Lorax", I think we did pretty well.

Especially that dinner thing! I couldn't find any specific Who Hash recipes...but there were some trying to pass off spoonable cornbread or another beef hash recipe...but it just wasn't cutting it! So...I had to do what I've been scaring myself with lately: creating a recipe.

That's right! I decided to make a Grinch-based dinner. Since it is difficult for us to do ham much anymore (Teen Girl won't eat pork due to pig trauma from a science teacher...grrrrrr), Green Eggs & Ham was not really an option. So I created Roast Beast Who Hash!


Roast Beast Who Hash - lazy cooker

2 lb (apprx) beef rump roast
4 C diced bell pepper – variety (fresh or frozen)
½ C diced yellow/sweet onion (or a variety), divided
1 envelope onion soup mix
1 envelope ranch seasoning mix
1 lb (apprx) quartered or diced potatoes – variety
3 T Worchestershire sauce
¼ C water, stock/broth, or cider
6-8 oz frozen shredded hash browns (about ½ bag)

Coat lazy cooker insert with cooking spray. Place beef into the lazy cooker.
Add ½ the peppers, onion & quartered/diced potatoes onto the beef.
Sprinkle in contents of the onion soup mix & ranch seasoning envelopes.
Pour in liquid of choice plus the worchestershire.
Cover with the lid, and cook on low for 6-8 hours.
1 hour before serving, add in the frozen hashbrowns.
Stir & make sure beef is piecey or in chunks. Serve.


Hubby really liked it!!! The kids are always as hard sell on something new, but may do it again anyway. Because I love my lazy cooker, and I love color...and of course...Dr. Seuss.

And to keep it even Seussier, I added a fried greed egg on top! I also included a Seussy staple that began last year: Pink Ink! Pink Ink (like the drink of the Yink) is simply a gallon of Koolaide: 1 envelope strawberry & 1 envelope pink lemonade. That easy, people!

Roast Beast Who Hash with Fried Green Egg & Pink Ink

For dessert, I made Berry Blue jello in tiny fishbowls, added a Swedish Fish to each, and then topped with a dollop of Cool Whip right before serving! Big. Hit.

Now I have an idea for next year for food. I thought about it way too late! The kids seem delighted to try it, and hubby seems entertained by the thought. I will share it when we give it a test run. So watch for that one in the future...

However...I had to dress for the occasion, too! Duh!

Some shared with me what they ate or how they celebrated! I would love to hear what you did! My school mate, Kelly, said they enjoyed purple spaghetti & blue meatballs! Love It!!!

After getting thru a Seussical day, we had a change up in author/poet takeover.

If you remember, Teen Girl made it into THE YOUNG PLAYWRIGHT ROUNDTABLE AT THE COTERIE! Still so awesome! Being a part of the roundtable also requires her to see a few shows at the Coterie. So...I took her to take in a show today: "Tell Tale Electric Poe."

This is sort of a one-man-show. It's one man performing 5 stories & poems from Edgar Allen Poe, as Poe, and with a second guy who is giving some background effect with his electric guitar. It was crazy-cool-intense-insane! I'm not sure what it was exactly like in Edgar's head...but this may have been a glimpse.

The one who adapted & artistically directed this show is the same one who is in charge of the roundtable. So Teen Girl was very excited to see what this one was about...and wasn't disappointed!

Also, the way this play was performed should show any competitive drama kids & who do poetry that rhyming poems can be done successfully...if not "conversationally" (if you want to consider Poe-speak as "conversational").

Plus...we got to get in for free since she's part of the roundtable! So...even better!

Overall, a good weekend. My only disappointment is that there wasn't much going on around here to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. What be up wit dat? Read Across America is a good start...but why isn't there more? If you remember, last year IHOP HAD MENU ITEMS BASED ON THE LORAX.

Why can't Heinz bring out their Color Splash Ketchup for this time? Come on!

Any-hoo...hope you all celebrated, too!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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