Wednesday, March 20, 2013

AM~Erica's Future Self Has Screwed Up the Entirety of Time

So anyway...

Today is just one of those days. It just is. You know the ones where you go to do something & it turns out you already did it, but had no idea...then it messes with your head & forget why you did other things & it screws up an entire planned out schedule you really need to follow...and somehow it all still turns out OK, but you have no idea how? You haven't? Oh...well, it happens to me.

Don't act shocked either...cuz I know you are just being facetious.

Not sure if you remember, but MY FUTURE SELF DID IT TO ME BEFORE, and my future self struck again!!


It started out when I woke up, unexpectedly, just before 4:30 this morning. I hate it when that happens! But it does...but I knew I had just an hour more before my SET alarm was to go off. And I know it was set because my future self beat me to it last night...which I realized when I tried to set it again & it was already on.


Well then, I woke up unexpected again. Ugh...but I looked at the clock...and...MY ALARM WAS OFF!!! WHAT??? And not only did I get in the extra hour...but another half hour on top of that! Grrrrr....

Darn you, future self!!! You set my alarm AND turn it off? I'm so mean to myself!

Well, that put me behind in getting 2 high schoolers around. Yeah...that sounds like it should go well...
But I woke them up & explained we were a few minutes behind & to start getting ready while I threw breakfast together for them. I went as fast as I could (since my future self apparently didn't see it necessary to go ahead with that part of the morning's schedule) to get food out for them to make sure they consumed something! So, I went to tell them that breakfast was ready & they had 20 minutes to finish up to get out the door...and neither had attempted to get up! D'oh!
Hubby offered to take them to school...but I wanted to show up my arch nemesis = My Future Self.

After poking & prodding & nagging...they got around & actually got out the door to catch the bus...ON TIME! WHAT? Take that, Future Self! HA!

Now since Future Self threw me all off...I forgot why I didn't have Lil Guy get cleaned up last night...beyond just timing. I was behind in making sure he had clean underwear. D'oh! So I did that last night so I could get him around a little earlier this morning to get cleaned up. But I was so thrown off by My Future Self's shenanigans, I went back into "typical morning scheduling."

I went to get Lil Guy up & figure out his breakfast...that I realized...he needed to get clean! (Trust me...he's a little boy...and needs to be cleaned!) So I hurriedly reminded him he needed a shower, but only after I had gotten his breakfast ready! D'oh! 

He got up & got all cleaned, got dressed, ate and was ready to walk out the door for the bus...ON TIME! WHAT??? That's right...take that, again, Future Self! HA! In-yo-face! (Which is in MY face...but whatever...)

Like I said, with My Future Self (now an arch nemesis) and my unknown shenanigans I pull before I even know it...I realize I have incredible powers in a parallel universe...

Remember this guy? And I always seem to relate to this particular commercial.
The one where his future self beat him to the's like that...

Today is also the 1st day of Spring! Winter is officially over!!! Or is it??

Remember? There is CRAZY MIDWEST WEATHER to keep in mind... We are still planning for more snow in the next few days. WHAT??? What is this craziness???

So I have come to the conclusion that the mix up of weather & global warming could only come from one thing: the time bending of My Future Self! Whenever My Future Self messes with me, it screws up all space & time for everyone else!

For that...I apologize. But I seem to be having trouble containing & controlling My Future Self...

(as I seem to be yelling to myself...hmmm...)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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