Sunday, March 31, 2013

AM~Erica Sees No Need for Foolery Due to Irony

So anyway...

Tomorrow marks the start of a new month. Where has the time gone?

However, not only have we just gotten thru the first whole quarter of 2013, it also marks our calendars as April Fool's Day. Ah...the day of practical (or not-so-practical) jokes & jokers.

I'm not sure why many make today as deadlines, events & such...who honestly believes it?

When I was a kid, my dad was a mail carrier & had to go to work very early. Once in a while, he'd help try to wake us up by "running" down our hallway yelling,


He enjoyed sharing that navy experience with us from time-to-time. No, I was not amused.

Not only that, but once a year...he had an April Fool's joke he loved to use:

He would like to wake us up very excitedly yelling,


Being a kid in elementary school...boy-oh-boy was I excited to see that snow! So I would spring up & look out my nothing except my father laughing & yelling, "April Fools!"

Well, then it happened...IT happened! It actually snowed on April 1st one year! Fo realz, yo! So, guess what...GUESS WHAT!!! My father could no longer use that joke on us anymore. Aw, shucks. *snickers*

I tell you that story to tell you this one...

Because of ALL THE CRAZY WEATHER we've had lately, it also caused SOME SNOW DAYS at school...which means there would need to be some makeup days. This would also mean that the school year would be extended to 1 day past the Memorial Day weekend...and the Tuesday would be a half day. That would be ridiculous! INCONTHEIVABLE! So a survey was sent out to parents to see about getting rid of the day off after Easter, and then use it as a makeup snow day. Well, that's what the parents wanted instead of having to go back for only 1 half day right after Memorial Day.

Easter, of course, fell early this year. With it falling on the last day of March...that means that day they were supposed to have off but not anymore is...APRIL 1st! D'oh! Do you know how hard it is to sell the kids on the fact they have to go back to school on a day they were supposed to have off which is also April Fool's? *face palm*

Now, to make the irony even more amazing? It may snow on April 1st. For real. And it was in the 60's today.

So, snow in spring, on a now makeup snow day, on April Fool's Day.

The irony is amazing! Why even play a trick? It's all right there in front of them. Beautifully!

*insert crazy-evil-giddy fits of laughter here*

The kids would rather it be a joke. They are not amused.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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