Thursday, March 7, 2013

AM~Erica's Dream Trek

So anyway...

If you weren't already aware...I'm kind of a GEEKY KIND OF GIRL. Sometimes...I scare myself. Especially when it comes to STAR TREK STUFF and STAR WARS STUFF.

There's also superhero stuff in there, too...but it's the sci-fi stuffs that I got stuck on.

Well, a few nights ago, I had a couple of dreams in the same sleep cycle. They both involved Star Trek in very different ways...


I was seated at a table in a restaurant. I don't know if I worked there & was just overzealous in my approach or if I was some kind of interviewer/reporter type person...but I took a seat at a table with Christopher Lloyd.

I was talking to him about his career...and then I almost came out of my seat as I got super excited talking to him about being a Klingon...and how he was part of the Star Trek family...and how I needed my picture with him because of that...and that I needed my picture with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy & George Takei! It had to happen!

Lloyd as Kruge

Ummm...I think I must've been an overzealous food service employee. And I think Mr. Lloyd was terrified of me.


I was getting ready for some kind of dance thing. Not sure if it was a show, audition or rehearsal...but I was all done up! I was in this amazing white pinstriped, double-breasted suit with black stripes, matching fedora...very gangster like. And, in a very artistic fashion, I had on white face paint (almost mask-like) and a painted black handlebar MOUSTACHE. And all I know is that I was planning on dancing to some Rihanna song.

And then, after doing some last minute warmups & primping, I headed to the hardwood studio floor. But there was a door open between wall mirrors that looked like it lead to a small bathroom or dressing room...and primping in the mirror was a younger William a white gangster pinstriped suit, matching fedora, sporting a white painted face & a painted black handlebar moustache! *GASP*

However, he was not going to be performing to Rihanna...but something else. I decided it was fate, scrapped my Rihanna song, and somehow picked up on the dance moves to what The Shat had choreographed.


Now that I am in full Trek mode, and after my geeky summer of with the family VISIT TO WICHITA & the GEEKY MOMENT IN SEATTLE, imagine how worked up I have gotten lately when I learned what is coming to town:


We couldn't go last year. I think we had too much stuff happening, but we had planned to go the following year.'s the following year. And I was getting information about when & where to figure out the how!

I also heard that George Takei would be there! GEORGE TAKEI, PEOPLE!!!


I also found out that Wil Wheaton would be there, people! WIL WHEATON!!!!!


And Peter Mayhew, folks....I said...PETER MAYHEW!!!!!


Oh...and Lou Ferrigno! That's right...I said LOU FERRIGNO!!!

Uhhh...Lou Ferrigno WITH Stan Lee?? *EPIC*
*RAWWWWWARRRRR...* do I work this out? Because I have an issue...
That weekend is way too busy. *sigh*
Teen Girl has a choir competition. Figures.
Lil Guy's first 2 games of the season happen then, too. But, of course.
Oh...and it's happening right around my birthday...

How? How am I going to try to work in?
I'm trying to figure out timing of appearances so I know how to elbow my way to the front & force (haha...I said "force"...*snort*) pictures with George, Wil & Peter, for sure.

This will happen, right? Amm-i-rite??'s what we must do so this will come to be:

"Make it so..."


Not much to ask, amm-i-rite? And why are my children looking at me funny & suggesting I should be a mental patient? Weird.

Oh...and while we are securing my photo opps...someone should totally make me a tshirt that says...
"Oh Myyy...
...and totally in Star Trek font. Thank you.

Me "posing" with George Takei's autograph on a mural is not good enough this time!!

Stay tuned...& LLAP...

God Bless, AM~Erica



Well, since the above posting, there have been additions to Planet Comicon. Like Ray Park & Lindsay Wagner! Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!

But now I am also a bit crushed. Remember when I said it was my birthday weekend? Well...things are too busy. Looks like I won't make it here to get the photos I was so hoping to get. *sigh* So I will have to keep up with the pics my friends post on social media to make do.

Was so close...but still so far...

Maybe next year...*sigh*

~~~ OR ~~~

Someone heading that way could "gently invite" the people I mentioned to come to my place for antioxidant-fortified Jesus water for some really great geek-speak...and some serious fan-girling on my part. That's all. Since the folks I am hoping to meet are all doing their thing while I am already booked a sweety & just bring them to me. K? Thanks.

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