Wednesday, April 10, 2013

AM~Erica Believes if They Can Dance it...Then You Can

So anyway...

Most folks know, but some may not, that I have been a dancer most of my life. doesn't involve metal poles or dollar bills. I'm talking tutus & tap shoes! And in the last few years, it's evolved into something else...more of a ministry.

I don't dance as much as I used to, but I do like to choreograph for church settings more now. I have reached out to get kids & adults moving in the last few years...and I've actually had to use layman's terms. Many of my dance folk would be disappointed to know that I've forgotten most of my correct terminology for steps...but I'm getting people to find movement to praise! That's amazing to me!

Now...I try to recruit folks, too. But I get a whole lot of, " don't want me do dance." Then it's followed by some vague or lame excuse. So...I share this story with them:


Back in 1995, I was asked to return to my high school to be the choreographer for the chosen musical that year, "Pippin"! And for those quite familiar with the story...don't worry, it was made appropriate for high schoolers to do.

Now then...thru the audition process, I got to look at everyone doing the dance moves I gave them & got to select my own dancers if they weren't already chosen for a major role. So that was really awesome! But then I got word that I would have some extra choreography to do. That was not an issue for me & so I excitedly agreed. And then I was told this:

"Well, you should know that who we have selected to be Pippin is a bit uncoordinated."~ OK...that's fine. I can work with that...
"Oh...and the one we've chosen to be the Lead Player is...legally blind."~ Um...O....K...

So, I had some work cut out for me, it appeared. But we worked really hard & got thru it! And I was so proud of my new dancers! Then, at the glorified dress know, the "show" before opening night...which was also "family night", I sat behind the mother of the Lead Player. I couldn't wait to watch her reaction! But it wasn't what I thought it was going to be...
See...the guy playing Lead Player conveniently left out the fact that he was going to be dancing when talking about the show to his mom! She burst into tears...and she turned around hastily & weepy to me & said, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME HE WAS DANCING?" At that moment, I burst into tears & said, "I thought you knew!"

That's my story I tell possible recruits. Because if those guys could do it...YOU CAN TOO!!


I put that out there since it has to do with what I saw last night...

Believe it or not, I am not a fan of 'Dancing With the Stars'. I don't have the draw to it like many do. And people are shocked when I tell them that. I am a fan of 'So You Think You Can Dance'! That's a show of pushing skilled dancers...and that's what I love to watch! I have gotten so much inspiration from that show...especially in my liturgical dance ministry! Seriously!
However...due to some weird things with our TV last night...I just didn't know what I'd end up watching at that point & ended up switching over to DWTS, reluctantly. However...I came across this right here:

Chills. Tears. Amazement. One of the most beautiful things I have ever watched. Seriously.

 It also reminded me, not only of my own choreography experience, but also when this showed up a couple of years ago on SYTYCD:

More chills? More tears? More amazement? I would hope so! Because this is so incredible! you see a pattern here? If you have the passion to share this gift...then DO IT!

Moving into what I do as my calling, I began the Faith Movers Liturgical Dance Ministry. It began when we lived in St. Louis. The Faith Movers StL is still going under the direction of my very good friend, Crazy Mar! We have had dancers as young as age 8 all the way up to around 70! read that correctly. Usually a lot of youth (grades 6-12), but it did expand into regularly having ages 30's-50's. And I loved bragging about my 68-year-olds (yes, plural) who would join right in! There is video of all of us wandering around on YouTube somewhere. When I find them, I will update this post so you can see what is possible!

 *** UPDATE *** 

Here is the video of Faith Movers StL doing Baba Yetu for Pentecost 2010 (ages 12-68 at the time):


***               ***

Now that we are back in KC, it's been slow to get the Faith Movers ministry really going. But I have a small committed few. And I am hoping to build on it! I do get really frustrated when I get the same excuses as listed earlier in this post. Then I share my story. But my newest excuse was about "being too old". of my steady dancers, currently, just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary recently. Think on that one! I did get to pull in a few extras for what was supposed to be kind of a flash-mobby deal...but it was like a surprise small group since I had several back out at the very last minute.'s what Faith Movers of KC did for Easter morning:

I have heard that it has gotten some others charged up! I hope so! I would love to continue to grow this special ministry.

 And...if you've paid attention to any part of this post...well... ...if they can do it...YOU can do it!

Stay tuned... 

God Bless, AM~Erica