Thursday, April 18, 2013

AM~Erica is Even More Coffee Snobbier Than Expected

So anyway...

It really shouldn't be a shock that I LOVE MY COFFEE. I do.

I have also (re)discovered the zen of hot tea. Milk with sugar &/or honey in a cup of...
Seriously. Channeling my inner Piccard & I make it so.

And even though I have gotten into this new ritual of AM Coffee & PM Tea...I will still drink coffee if it's offered at pretty much any point of the day. Seriously.

With the new-found status hubby & I have found in OUR COFFEE-SNOBBERY, we tend to get picky about the java we consume. Since we have found our favorite coffee bean from a particular coffee shop, and we grind our own while using filtered water to put into coffee filtering resevoir of the coffee pot to be put thru the coffee filter with the grounds...yeah. We are probably a little ridiculous....but whatever. It's not like we are growing our own beans! ...yet...

It really is so bad, that we can totally taste the difference in good & *ahem* not-so-good coffee that we get at other places. We are a little pathetic. But we can't help it.

Since we are advocates of hometown stuff, too...we are always more than willing to support a local place. Even though our favorite beans & favorite coffee shop are a chain...we still give locals a fair shake. So the hubby was given a sampling of grounds from a local place. He was at a meeting where he got the chance to get a tiny package of coffee grounds from The Roasterie. If you've been thru KC in the last few months, it's the really cool building with an old airplane looking like it's taking off from the rooftop! Yeah...that one. And one of the presenters had  these packets of a specialized blend from The Roasterie. Well, hubby wanted to use the sample (plus the extra one he acquired from someone who doesn't drink coffee), so I made the coffee this morning. As I figured it...and according to the vague directions on one of the little packages...I really needed both sample packs to make a full pot.

Well...tried it. I haven't heard hubby's assessment of it yet...but...
It's proof of how spoiled we are with our chosen beans that we love. Meh & Bleh.

No kidding...I'm having trouble getting it down. I've even added extra milk AND foo-foo creamers. And it helps...but still...

Maybe a different blend would be better. I've heard really good things about the coffee from The Roasterie...but this was not one of the better ones. I'm glad we didn't get anymore of this type. But maybe some success in shop with a fresh brew would help. But...

I'm ready for my freshly ground Sumatra beans from Gloria Jean's. Seriously. Oh...AND THEY KNOW ME THERE ANYWAY.

Geez! How big of a coffee snob am I anyway? *face palm*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

Hubby wasn't fond of it either. Thought it didn't have enough flavor, but could stomach it since he has to switch to non-snobby coffee from time-to-time. Thought I'd share his critique of our brew switch. Time to go back!


  1. Roaterie is good, but you have to pick and choose, and use plenty of it. They package the sample bags for the 80% of the population that doesn't know how to make coffee, and it's too weak. Their beans freshly ground - I like 40 Sardines and their Seattle Style Espresso is really good - and used correctly, you can get a good pot.

    1. I kind of figured that. Do want to try some of their fresh coffee. The stuff we got was obviously was my assumption that this wasn't their best. It just made it oh-so-clear that not just any coffee will do for me anymore. Never thought I'd get to this point. HA!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that you are NOT alone in your coffee snobbery. Not by a long shot. There are NO decent places here to get beans so I exclusively just order from only am able to tolerate coffee at work because my brain knows that it's just "coffee at work" lol

    1. Oh thank goodness! I mean...not about bad work coffee you have to shut your mind off to...but that it's to the point of one kind of coffee or almost no kind of coffee! LOL!!! Just look out when/if we decide to grow our own. Teen Girl is concerned that may happen. hehe