Monday, April 15, 2013

AM~Erica Will Drink Tea in Protest

So anyway...

In the U.S., today is THAT day. It's April 15th, y'all. You know...Tax Day. (in case you forgot)'s my assumption that most folks who are getting some of their moolah back from the government have already filed their taxes way before today. Amm-i-rite?

It's also my assumption that those who owe to the government at this point may have waited to today to finish up &/or file their taxes. Amm-i-rite?

Today is the tax deadline. It's a day of stress. I've also heard that April 16th is also known as "Stress Awareness Day." Go figure.

Last year, I TALKED ABOUT TAX DAY. I brought up the ridiculousness we have to deal with to get taxes done. Even worse? H&R Block has had commercials priding themselves in taking on the most difficult tax situations & how they've read the 9000-some pages of tax codes. That's what you call complicated, people! I mean...really.

In a world where we are trying to simplify things again, the government & IRS are trying way too hard to have job security. Trying so hard, in my opinion, that it has made itself quite corrupt. When the IRS seems to follow its own rules & throws a lot of law out the window...that tells you something.

The IRS does hire a lot of people, don't get me wrong. But...BUT...have you seen or ever really dealt with the masses who are dealing with your money & information? It's frightening. I'm terrified by the lowered standards that the IRS makes OK to hire. I wish I were kidding.

Also...the IRS spends a lot of our tax dollars to send out bogus letters. Did you know that? Auto generated letters & notices that are pulled from old information or nothing at all. Not only is it  bad on the's bad on the environment as they continue to kill trees as we approach EARTH DAY COMING. *face palm*

Now, politically, I am in between the crazy. I'm not red...I'm not blue; I am in the purple area. So, as I lay this out, don't accuse me of being a koolaid guzzler....especially by any of you koolaid guzzlers (and I know who you are). I have talked about, and will continue to, making the tax system simpler. I'm talking flat-taxes, people. Think about it: (for example) 10% to federal out of every check; 7% to state out of every check; 3% to local out of every check. Just to keep it even in the example. Again, the rich will still be paying more than the poor, but the ratio would be the very same. This amount would automatically be pulled out of unemployment & welfare, too. It's much along the same lines that Herm Cain brought up in his short try for the presidency: the 9-9-9 taxing. Duh! Could be just that simple...

This gets rid of ridiculous tax codes, it makes things much simpler, no stress over the forms, better for the environment, better for overall stress...
Get the idea?

And if you are using the government as your yearly savings plan...think about how that sounds for a moment. Maybe you should open a CD to get interest on your savings, or put it in a savings account. Trust might actually be better than trying to appear to be a better citizen by "paying more taxes" that you might get back after filling out 5 billion forms...probably more than once. Amm-i-rite?

In the meantime, we continue to protest in our own ways...cuz we still gotta pay taxes. So, have a tea party to protest. Again...not talking about the new republican-based party. They started with this premise...less taxes/lower taxes. However, it's produced some of the most radical characters yet. Yes...characters. But I'm talking the old-school Boston Tea Party concept. If you remember, I BROUGHT UP SUGGESTIONS BEFORE.

So, I think I'll wear a hat, drink some tea, and take in some of the freebies & discounts being offered today. Of course...after I have finished consuming my coffee...

How about you?


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


UPDATE: The above post was from this morning. This afternoon, the horrific story & images have come out of Boston at the historic marathon finish line. Explosions going off down the street near the finish line is unreal & awful! And possibly a couple more found that did not go off? I would hope this is not a protest for Tax Day. It is ugly & uncalled for.

Pray for these people! Many had this on their bucket list & may not have gotten to finish. Many come from all over the world to run in this particular marathon. Those who did finish & was such a great feat now have had it turned upside down.

As of this update, 2 confirmed dead & 23 wounded. So sad. I'm in shock.

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