Saturday, April 20, 2013

AM~Erica's Day of Celebration Crammed into Under 5 Hours

So anyway...

Yesterday was an important day! IMPORTANT! Hubby & I celebrated our 17th anniversary of being married!
*GLITTER CANNON* happen to fall on a Friday! This was really good for us since hubby takes Fridays off anyway. We tried to figure out our plans for the day...but there were a lot of really good options, so it was hard to make up our minds. Well that...and the kids were still going to be coming home from school at some point. So we would have to make the most of the little bit of time we had. Amm-i-rite?

So after figuring out timing of things amongst our options, this is what we decided upon to celebrate our day:

1. We wanted to go out for dinner, but we had some timing & scheduling issues up in the we decided to close our eyes & pretend that lunch was our fancy dinner. Hey! As gotta make whatever work. So we went to "our spot". Remember? It's the place we found; WE LIKED IT & PUT A LOCK ON IT! So we went and ate a delightful meal (I'm clamoring for more, actually), plus we got there early enough to get a great window seat! It. Was. AWESOME!

And even though the daytime pics didn't turn out so grand (probably because I was shaking from the cold outside...go figure), I grabbed a quick pic of our love lock still in place.

Our SHMILY Love Lock at Cafe' Verona on the Square - 4/19/2013

2. Since we have embarked into the journey of discovering & enjoying some antioxidant-fortified Jesus water, we made the decision to check out a particular winery in the area. We made a small trek to the Belvoir Winery in Liberty, MO.

They have free wine tastings of their 6 varieties of antioxidant-fortified Jesus water, so we tried it out as we got some interesting history about the location.

The winery is what used to be the Odd Fellows Home. It's a multi-building complex, but the winery is out of the orphanage building. Not only is there the winery bar, but you can walk around to take in some rich history, you can hold events there...and even weddings on the beautiful front lawn.

However, the 2nd & 3rd main buildings are not in use...but...the 2nd was a nursing home (and asylum, maybe), and the 3rd was a hospital. All run by the Odd Fellows as their charity portion to society.

And for those wondering, no...we didn't encounter any, but there are apparently ghost sighting outings that do happen there, too. They even hold ghost-sighting outings called "Booze & Boos". There's even a tshirt they sell saying "I came for the Spirits. " (haha - clever) As a matter of fact, the show "Ghost Hunters" went and filmed there in February & will have an hour-long episode near the end of June. Teen Girl is dying to do one of these ghost sightings! Not me so I'll wait for the Ghost Hunters episode. Mmmm-k?

Hubby in front of the Odd Fellows Home.
I realize it seems ironic...but just got a great pic from our visit.

Well, after sampling (I promise that we literally had about a sip) of each of the 6 varieties, we decided to purchase a white variety AND a red variety for our inventory & as an anniversary gift to ourselves! And after making our selections, they allowed us to take in one floor of the orphanage & then we could get our bottles.

Our anniversary Belvoir selections:
Casanova Semi-Dry Red Wine
Plumeria Semi-Dry White Wine

We really enjoyed it & learned there are more wineries in the area to take in! We have visiting to do...

By the time we had gotten our lunch in as well as our winery outing, we needed to get stuffs. Plus we were trying to figure out if Lil Guy would be having football practice or not. That's what was throwing off our dinner plans. And it appeared practice was

The family enjoyed our anniversary dinner of finger foods: BBQ wings, tortilla chips & nacho cheese, big soft pretzels...and some pizza rolls for the boys. Yeah...super classy like that! Then it was off to a very cold football practice!

Hubby & I decided to finish the night we decided on coffee & dessert out. So...we warmed up a bit & got ourselves to go to Starbuck's. But, with the coldness feeling like a mid-to-late October evening, we both got Carmel Apple Spice ( cider) and a slice of Pumpkin Bread. *HAPPINESS*

We got our "us time", but as parents, had to work in a whole day's worth of celebrating into what was less than 5 hours. But we will take it! However we can get it!

And, after 17 years, we make the most of the little times. We've learned that over the years. Parenthood runs rampant in our we make the most of the rest of the time. And we will find small-yet-romantic ways to keep things in our relationship alive & fresh!

So, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my hubby & me! HE IS MY PRINCE CHARMING. And my life's soul mate! I still don't know how I got him...but God had big plans for us...and I am so thankful & blessed!

1996 & 2013
Lookin' Good!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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