Sunday, April 7, 2013

You May Refer to AM~Erica as Your Highness

So anyway...

Believe it or not, I am not one who puts it out there whenever it's my birthday. There is usually too many other things going on right at the same time, our time gets taken being pulled in several directions. So, I just put it off as another day.

I usually don't have it broadcast of Facebook either. But I got Facebook's new timeline setup & think it triggered the re-broadcasting of my birthday. Because...imagine my surprise when I kept getting very sweet well wishes...especially by folks who wouldn't know it was my birthday unless you REALLY knew me! As I got appeared that Facebook was, indeed, the blabber-mouth. But I was very blessed with so many well wishes...I could hardly keep up thru the day! Thank you, all!

Now, please realize this is absolutely NOT a post to pander for more birthday I said...I'm not that person. But I wanted to point this out instead:

Yesterday was Day 1 of Planet Comicon in KC. Originally, I GOT REALLY EXCITED ABOUT GOING & had fully hoped to take it in. I had certainly hoped to meet some sci-fi legendry. However, mommyhood set in...and it turns out that Teen Girl, who also wanted to go, had a choir contest smack-dab in the middle of the day. Figures. And then...Lil Guy got signed up for spring flag football...and found out that his 1st two games would be...oh yes, that's right...the same day. And? Smack-dab in the middle of the day! *sigh*

It appeared that Comicon would not be happening. And I really wanted Day 1 since George Takei & Wil Wheaton would both be there. I think Ray Park, too. *sigh* Figures. But mommyhood had to come first. So I put out a call to any of my friends going to do me a solid & keep bringing up a birthday party that these legendary icons (yes...I am considering Wil Wheaton a legendary icon at this point...he's made his mark) that would want to come to...and then "gently invite" (or possibly steal & throw in a trunk to force <<<=== haha - I said "force") into coming to have cake & possibly some antioxidant fortified Jesus water. That's all. Not much to ask at all! no avail. I heard the security was pretty tight...but the security could've come, too! And then...AND THEN??? I found out my "head geek", whom I put in charge of such mission, actually came into inadvertent contact with George Takei! Yeah...that's all cool & know. It's an entertaining story...that I had nothing to do with. Why? Cuz I was busy being a mommy!


However...being a wife & family did get me some pretty perfect cardage.

First, my kiddos gave me this envelope:

That's does say "Your Highness (:"! And yes...that would be me!

And then here was the card:



Now hubby thinks he's so adorable when he says that I look good for being 45 (or sometimes up to 54). And he's being so ornery since I'm no where near any of those ages! He likes to tell people what a cougar I am...even though he is older than me. I usually say that I'm always 24! And I really like to remind him that I'm totally the trophy wife! DUH! And yes...we really do have this conversation from time-to-time.

With that's the card front I got from my hubby:

Greatest Card Ever! My hubby really does like to golf (even though he hasn't been in a while). I really do dance & have gotten trophies that look very much like the one in the pic. This was so crazy perfect...I can't stop giggling!

I did go out to eat at one of my fave places (got me my Spinada Enchilada at Jose Peppers) & see family, had gifts. It was a good day. Just crazy. Cuz I'm more in the mom role...and it strangely still felt like just another day. Weird? It's my off-kilter brainy-brain.

And today...the kiddos have more stuff going. Just the crazy busy weekend that everyone decided to schedule everything for this weekend. I can't tell you how many things we actually had to turn down! to get George & Wil here for cake & tea...or antioxidant fortified Jesus water...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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