Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AM~Erica Bracing for Typical Heartland Weather

So anyway...

It's the midwest. If anyone is truly aware of weather in the heartland, you will know that we get hit with pretty much everything...or the aftermath of it.

Not only do we get to "enjoy" (that could be sincere or sarcastic depending on the timing) the changing of seasons, but sometimes it all gets stirred up in a big pot & we get seasonal changes at strange & alarming rates.

We literally can have a 70 degree day, then blink to have 25 degree weather. Seriously. I'VE TALKED ABOUT IT BEFORE.

Yesterday, in January, we experienced record highs of around 70 degrees. This is shortly after needing boots & coats for a typical January. So we were wearing shorts & flip-flops with short sleeves...people riding around on their motorcycles and with the tops down on their convertibles. If you saw pictures, you might have thought it was mid-to-late spring if you didn't pay any attention to the trees & grass.

Now we move onward to today...
We woke up to near 70 degrees and having thunderstorms thru the night. I am enjoying beautiful 50 degree weather with the back door open with the rain falling, some thunder in the background, and enjoying my coffee. It reminds me of when we got our VISIT FROM HURRICANE ISAAC. Perfect for a kick back...uh...moment. It will be short lived as the temps will continue to drop, of course, and we are entering into a winter weather advisory. We have heard anywhere from a dusting to up to 4 inches in places starting tonight...and going into tomorrow.

Our county is on the cusp of craziness. Just south of us, there is currently a tornado watch until mid-afternoon.

And you know what? Around here...we hardly blink an eye. We laugh. Because this craziness really happens around here. This isn't the first time! I'm sure other regions would look at this as near apocalyptic events if it happened in their areas...but it's pretty common place here.

In our droughty conditions, this rain & possible snow is SO needed!! But honestly...how many places can you say you wore shorts & sandals on one day, then 2 days later needed moon boots & a parka?

Welcome to the Heartland...where you should never pack away any seasonal clothing.

Welcome to the midwest. Don't like our weather? Hang around for 5 minutes...

Until then...I'm gonna enjoy this weather moment that I enjoy with my coffee. *CHEERS*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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