Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Blame AM~Erica's Future Self

So anyway...

In a recent post I had about coffee shops, I mentioned my fabulous friend, Shanna. I also mentioned she's an author. She also has a fabulous blog that she keeps up, too. I love her!

Recently, she had a great blog post about what you, as your future self, might tell your high school self. It's an entertaining post that really makes you think! She wondered what I would tell myself.

This post will NOT answer that. I am actually here to address my future self. I know I can be ornery & sneaky...but my future self is even worse!

Generally, we love it when someone steps up to do a chore for us or something nice. But there are those times when there's something you need to say yourself, or you have it in the back of your own head to do. But somehow, your future self beats you to it. Just yesterday, I was just talking to my daughter about a story with my future self. I guess my future self got really excited to be in the conversation & struck again this morning!

Several years ago, when I had my wisdom teeth out, I forced them to put me under. I did NOT want to know what they were going to do to me! I remember having my wrists tied down to the arms of the dental chair. I remember thinking that I had to remember that moment as being funny so I could tell my dad. He's the one that took me & was taking me home. I remember them waking me up; I remember the recovery room; I vaguely remember the ride home; I remember being sick since I don't do anesthesia too well; and I remember my dad waking me up once in a while to switch which side I was laying on & to switch my ice packs. Then, I heard it: when my mom got home, I heard my dad tell her that I'd told him about being tied to the chair! Wait...WHAT?? I didn't even get to tell him because I beat myself to it??? How dare me! I was so disappointed that my future self would do that to me.

Now, just know that my future self has struck a few more times, but it was the timing of telling Teen Girl about the above story that made me wonder about this morning...

I was going to get another cup of coffee & I put my coffee cup by the coffee maker. I went to get lil guy going for summer school & then came back to put milk in my cup...and the milk was already poured perfectly into my mug! Wait...WHAT? Gee...thanks, future self!

Don't get me wrong. It was nice. My future self, I'm sure, was trying to help. But at the same time, I have the feeling my future self is enjoying me being made to look like a bigger dork than I already am. Trust me...I do NOT need the help.

So this doesn't help my high school self. Actually I think my high school self would either be terrified by this, or laughing hysterically.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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