Friday, January 4, 2013

AM~Erica Tends to be Ahead of the Curve

So anyway...

With the winding down of the holidays, and we are now in the the cold & chill of winter, I know we are all thinking about & looking forward to one thing: SWIMSUIT SEASON!! Woo Hoo!!!

Wait, wait, wait...wha-WHA???

OK, probably not. And even though I haven't seen any yet, I'm pretty sure there are department stores putting out their cringe-worthy beach-wear displays. *sigh* No wonder so many make new year resolutions to lose weight/get in shape/get healthy. And it hit me just a few short years ago as to why we get this stuff thrust in our faces while we are still enjoying very hearty meals that add to our layer(s) of insulation. It's two words, and it tends to sneak up on us in February or March anymore: Spring  Break. It tends to be a time when older teens & younger 20's decide that they need to travel to warm places & shed a lot of layers & bare a lot of skin. Ick.

Many who participate believe they look so adorable in skimpy anything. Well...even though it's "yes" to a point...that's not what comes to mind for many.

Just note that I have been against that whole baring a lot of skin thing for years. But I'm pretty modest AND have fair skin!

Now, I love to play with clothes, accessories, shoes...and all kinds of trends! I have trademarks of my own. It's just fun. And, with the compliments I get on my outfits & such...I am always covered! Tuck it in, ladies!  You can show off your personality without falling out of your clothing! *face palm* Just cuz you got it, doesn't mean you shouldn't wait (for the right person) to flaunt it. But that's just me.

However, I do end up being ahead of the curve when it comes to some of the fashion stuff...apparently. I don't do "research" anymore. I used to be addicted to the Style channel & wanted to be up on the latest trends & such. But then I decided to break free from that & do what I like, or get inspired by something I see.
Like the flowers in my hair: It started with a silly & fun Hawiian luau themed event. I enjoyed the flower I wore in my hair so much, that I started doing it from time-to-time; it grew more as time it's daily. If not a flower, there is something in my hair. I started that almost 7 years ago...the trend really didn't pick up until about 3-4 years ago. I also wear headbands...and for a while I just started attaching a flower of choice to a headband of choice. About a year after I started that...companies started selling headbands with flowers attached. Interesting...
See? If I like it, I wear it. That's all there is to it. If it looks good & feels good...that's what I go for! Oh...and not falling out of things is a big bonus, too...

This goes for swimwear, too. (You knew I'd get back to this, right?) The more I can cover the better!! If you read my previous swimsuit post RIGHT HERE, you will see what I've been pulling for as my dream swimwear.

So I posted that back in May. Then, interestingly enough...I came across this fairly fitting (no pun intended) article on Yahoo! about swimwear...just read it RIGHT HERE to see what I mean.

Oh man, oh man...if things are going that way...then I have been dreaming of the swimwear fashion...
...Of The Future...

*shrugs* Or it could just be me. hehe

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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