Saturday, March 24, 2012

AM~Erica Continues Pushing Purple Politics

So anyway...

I still stress that I am SO not a political person. But it is in my face so much really ticks me off. You may be aware of where I stand in this stuff if you read my recent politic soapbox the other day. Are we clear? Even if we are...I got more...

I found it interesting, as 'The Hunger Games' craze is getting going, that Yahoo! had an article on the politics of 'The Hunger Games'.

Did you find that interesting? So...the parties are now getting to the point of arguing about what party this story is based on? You are absolutely blind if you don't see it's brilliantly about the government. Not a party specifically.

After I saw this article, it was even more interesting a piece of trivia I heard later...

Once in a while, hubby likes to give a trivia quiz, of sorts, to the kids during dinnertime. A lot of times it's about history, but sometimes there's other subjects involved. And most of the kids love it - the boys, specifically. A couple of smarty-pants kids that follow in their dad's footsteps. Teen boy is our history buff. It's freaky. Tonight, the kids (the boys) wanted quizzing during dinner. Instead, teen boy threw one out there & ended up doing the explaining. He was reviewing early American politics & how the early parties consisted of the Federalists and...brace for it...wait for it...Democratic-Repulicans. That's right...Democrats & Republicans were actually TOGETHER at one point!

Do you know what this tells us, folks? It tells us that the political party system is oh-so-broken. BROKEN...and I feel getting very out-dated. I'm not kidding!

The red koolaid drinkers & the blue koolaid drinkers were actually drinking purple when our great country was established...out of the same glass. That's right! So...who's twitching right now?

We keep trying to promote "equality". But it doesn't appear that the preaching is being practiced.

People...learn to compromise & work together. All of you climbing the right wall and those climbing the left wall are actually making things worse. Where's the equality? Huh? You all try so hard to decipher any movie's or book's political views that aren't directly named & either claim it as yours or blame the "other side". Ugh!

Will you all suck it up & join the compromise talks in the middle aisle? Pour your koolaid into the giant cup in the middle so we can find the antidote to the political poison? Yeah...that would be awesome.

Still offended? Offended again? Just now getting offended? Then I am talking to you. Now come join us on the floor in the middle aisle circle & hug it out.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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