Monday, March 19, 2012

A Situation of AM~Erica Witnessing Social Manners

So anyway...

Many of you who keep up with my blog know the kind of week I had. You will also know about my celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday earlier this month. So would you believe if I told you that my family & I JUST saw 'The Lorax' yesterday at the movie theatre? Well...believe it.

I got to be a part of the movie review when I celebrated Seuss' birthday in St. Louis...however, even though I was invited into the shot by the show's star...the fill in anchor for the segment wasn't fond of me there, I don't think. Watch & notice how she deliberately ignores me. It's fantastic! KEVIN'S REEL WORLD: THE LORAX (featuring Margie Ellis)

Wasn't that entertaining? And yes, sadly, she was that rude. I was floored. When I was in StL, I always enjoyed her ON AIR personality. When I was in studio & saw her OFF air...different story. Seriously.

This is one of my points of Social Manners. Are they completely gone? Well, just for some people...strangely, it was a movie about such caring that drew this nasty attitude during the review. And I won't even talk about what happened off camera during that segment. Not so publicly. wasn't good. That's just sad to have an attitude like that when talking about a movie with such heart & care.

This leads me to more Social Manners that people need to learn. I was SO happy to be able to finally see 'The Lorax'! It was done beautifully. I think it would have done Theodore Geisel very proud. It was so entertaining, but still bluntly delivered a message that still needs to be heard. It just did it in a different way...and it still amazes me how ahead of the times Dr. Seuss was with this story. I want to see it again. Really. But this time in a different environment (no pun intended). I say that because of what was going on around us as our family was trying to enjoy the movie. My hubby did an amazing & poignant blog post on it, so I will let him tell our experience by his venting right here.

I wish he had been exaggerating in his telling. But no. It was heartbreaking that we just saw this amazing movie about caring for our surroundings, and then there were people who literally left the movie theatre in shambles...they learned nothing! Just because it's animated doesn't make it any less meaningful.

I remember when 'Avatar' came out, people talked about how you would almost hate humankind after watching it. And that was in a movie. We witnessed this ugliness in a reality check AFTER seeing a movie that is trying to reach humans.

Where have we gone wrong, people? My heart was truly broken witnessing the mess these sad humans left behind. We did talk to our kids about how you don't do things like matter what movie you just saw.

I must say that 'The Lorax' has exposed more than environmental issues. It has exposed the sad lack of Social Manners in people. Weird, but true.

Truth stranger than fiction? 'The Lorax' almost proves that.

Please, people...FIND & exercise your Social Manners. Faith in humankind can begin with me, with you, and will everyone who looks in their hearts to finds it within them to care for anyone & anything around them. Gracefully.

Now, if you haven't seen 'The Lorax'...then find a way! Be thoroughly entertained & be sure to LEARN from it! And be sure to be a courteous movie-goer in the process.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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