Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AM~Erica's Carnivorous Offspring

So anyway...

The other day when my teen children (that's right...I put the words "teen" & "children" together) were out doing their competitive events, our schedule was really thrown out of whack. Including what to do for dinner.

Well, when we decided we would be nice enough to pick up the teen girl from her choir outing, we figured we would grab dinner from somewhere while we were out. The teen girl, in the midst of her non-stop talking, and lil guy both VERY openly expressed their hunger & that we needed to stop & get something. Hubby & I weren't as hungry...so we were trying to make the kiddos wait a few extra minutes while we were hoping to get a little more hungry.

After we drove almost back to the house, and hearing the kids STILL complaining, hubby decided to stop at Chili's. YUM! Worked for me! Worked for the teen girl! And obviously worked for hubby, too. Lil guy? Not so much. He threw a fit. He said he wasn't going in...and then he swore he wouldn't eat. Whatever.

After scanning the menu, we all pretty much decided what we were getting. Yes, including lil guy. He was going to get a burger off the kid menu. Itty-bitty teen girl decided that a half rack of ribs was floating her boat. Hubby got a steak & I was in the mood for their chicken crispers. Then came time to order, and I started, then the teen girl ordered her ribs...

Now the story changes direction just a bit. Lil guy heard his big sis order the ribs & he was SOLD! However, there are no ribs offered on the kid menu. But now he doesn't want that burger. *sigh* So...we had to suck it up & let him order the half rack of ribs. Seriously. Then hubby ordered his steak.

After a bit of a wait, the food finally came. Everything looked good & in order. The only "downside" was that the teen girl used the entire extra stack of napkins to clean off the bbq sauce from her ribs. D'oh! And we began to consume our meals...

Before we knew it, lil guy had completely downed his half rack of baby back ribs. Sauce & all! He was so delighted in eating those...and talk about a hungry boy! Well then, the teen girl was complaining that she was getting too full & she still had 4 ribs to go. Lil guy took over 2 of those. Plus...he mooched to big bites of hubby's steak. He's tall for being 7 & all...but we still don't know where all that meat went. When our waiter came back to the table, he overheard us making a big deal out of everything lil guy ate. Our waiter thought we were over-exaggerating, I think. Once we confirmed to him that we weren't...our waiter got a look on his face like someone had just slapped him in the face out of the blue. Hilarious.

After that outing, and we were still making a big deal about our little carnivore, a couple of days later the teen kids had a thing going at church, so it was just hubby, lil guy & me. When we asked lil guy if he had any ideas of what to do for dinner, he said he wanted to go out. He made a list of fast food joints, of course, which is something hubby & I were not willing to do. However, lil guy wanted to go to Wendy's. 'Why', you ask? So he can try the Baconator! I can't make this stuff up, folks.

So...we have a serious carnivore on our hands...and he's only 7.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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