Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Irish Part of AM~Erica Shows

So anyway...

Erin Go Braugh!

This has been quite a busy celebratory week!

Today...we approached St. Patrick's Day. Didn't get to quite do everything I'd hoped to, but it has been pretty good.

I started my day in green sweatpants & a green tshirt while enjoying some oatmeal that my hubby made & a Tingling Leprechaun. It's a coffee drink I made up a few years ago that is a mocha with Irish cream & mint. YUM!!

And...I must ALWAYS dress the part. Really! Ask anyone around my hubby.

I was actually hoping to catch the big KC parade. It is rated the 2nd or 3rd largest St. Paddy's Day parade in the United States. But kids these days don't really look forward to these kinds of events. When we asked them a few days ago if they'd like to take it in...they were pretty wishy-washy. However, lil guy brought up, at bedtime last night, that he was hoping we would go. Seriously?? The teenagers were still pretty unimpressed. So I only caught the first part of it on livestream since...for some RIDICULOUS reason, I'm wasn't being broadcast on TV, even though NONE of the March Madness games were being broadcast on that station. Just. Not. Right.

But with the other holidays this week, our schedule was so thrown off! So hubby & I went to the store today. Yes, I went in the above pictured outfit. What?

Then I found out there was a parade happening in our town. However...well...I'm not going to get on my soapbox about that. It could get ugly. So we didn't make that parade, either, since we had to go to the store so we'd have food in the house.

I also heard there was a parade happening in my hometown, but we were out there yesterday, so the trip back out would have been CRAZY!! Especially with gas prices right now.

However, I did have planned a Irish-inspired meal! After researching Irish cuisine & fare, I came up with the following menu:

Smoked ham with warm bacon dressing

Cabbage Coleslaw with dill & mustard sauce

Potato Cakes

Traditional Irish Soda Bread

The meal was really pretty good!! I made the bacon dressing, dill & mustard sauce, and the Irish Soda Bread from scratch! Yea, me! Hubby smoked the ham on the grill, too! Yea, him!

Plus...I am still on my cupcake kick. So, I made some Irish-inspired cupcakes! Like:

Erin's Lush

Tingling Leprechaun

I do have quite a bit of Irish in me. You can tell by my coloring & potato consumption. However...I do NOT like beer! It makes me want to gag. That's how it is, lads & with it.

But we are starting to settle down for the evening & be enjoying the vino that we were going to have for the Ides of March.

So...even though we didn't get to take in a parade, or that I could only find ONE of my faux snakeskin pumps, or the fact that I had a way more authentic outfit to wear if only it were in the 40's not the 80's...the day was good. And...I can still claim to be Irish!

So we can wind down some of these crazy-fun holidays for a while...and I will attempt to plan for the next

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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