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Current NFL Issues as Viewed by AM~Erica

So anyway...

If you are an NFL (yes, football...not 'forensics' this time) fan, then this has certainly been quite a day & week & month for the league.

Yes, I am a football fan. That comes from being with my hubby. He has always been a sports freak since I've known him. My sports knowledge & following comes in the same manner as my Star Trek knowledge & association.

With that being said...I have developed a sense of opinion based on the knowledge & interest I have developed. Did you get all of that?

I am a tried & true Chiefs' fan. Thru thick & thin. I proudly wear my #6 Succop jersey my hubby had made for me after Succop's rookie year. Why the #6 jersey? Well, let me tell you: During the NFL draft (for those of you who know what I'm talking about), the 7th round came around eventually. The Chiefs had the very last pick of the draft... The very last guy picked in the draft is referred to as "Mr. Irrelevant". Well, Ryan Succop was our pick. He got the sad title, his last name is Succop (yes, pronounced Suck-Up), and he's a kicker. EVERYTHING is against this someone needed to really root for this guy. I decided to be that person. Guess what...he's proved to be very fact...he's been pretty significant for the Chiefs! I am very proud with how he's done! I wear my Succop jersey very proudly!

Thru the years (about the last 17ish as a matter of fact), I have found myself discussing my opinions, making points & figuring out players on other teams in this thing of the National Football League. I have found myself being shocked by things that come out of my mouth. But I have fully embraced it now. And I don't mind starting discussions on it with people.

With all of that being said, I would like to discuss today, this week & this month in the NFL. Because it has been SO crazy!! Are you ready? Buckle up...

OK...first I'm going to talk about the Elwayphant in the room: The Peyton Manning saga. What a soap opera with twists & turns...and *SPOILER* the villain wins. Grrrr...
If you were not aware, Peyton was inactive last year due to a neck injury. And it was obvious by how the Indy Colts did this last year...poorly. Someone even pointed out that the NFL MVP for the season should go to someone who didn't even play. It was total proof that Peyton really was the whole team of the Colts. My apologies to rest of the players...but truth hurts sometimes.
Well...Indianapolis was biting their nails when it came time to figure out whether or not Irsay would decide to keep the future Hall-of-Famer in the place where he'd hoped to play his entire career. The moment it was even hinted that he could be cut, rumors started swirling...I even came up with reasons why Peyton should come here, to KC.

You need to note that I have always liked Peyton. He's a great player, a great guy, and a great charisma. His brother is a different story for me...but that's a whole other soapbox.

When it came time for the decision to come down & after a bunch of media-circus attention, crazy-man Irsay made decided to cut Manning. As shocking as that was...the flood gates were opened for talks of possible teams for Peyton to go to. Miami, Houston, Arizona, Seattle, Kansas City & New York (Jets) all came up as viable options by analysts. Vegas was setting up betting for different cities & the odds. It was CRAZY! Supposedly Peyton wanted to make a swift decision & pick a team within a week. Well, as the list teams was shrinking for Mr. Manning to visit & consider, the time was being extended. And, I pined for KC visit from Peyton! I had several arguments & debating points as to why he should be here. From forming a young-talent team, to getting a new coach, to he would make the offense better by being here, to the fact that the coach is defense & Peyton could control the offense, to the fact that we had plenty of money to spend, to the great fan base in KC...there were a LOT of reasons why he would work here. But, alas...KC was not to be. Peyton wouldn't even consider coming. *sigh* Rumor has it that it had a lot to do with the fact that we have Scott Pioli as our GM...which carries a lot of baggage for some. From the New England ties, to the scandals that are attached to him. I can't blame Peyton...but still makes me sad. *sigh*

After time & teams had been whittled down...*gag* John Elway *gag* was trying to wield his major GM title at *gag* Denver *gag* & tried to make a run at getting Peyton. All of a sudden, THAT team seemed in the race for Manning. Hardcore, too.

After all the hoping & praying that maybe Peyton would end up at maybe Tennessee...the news came down of where Peyton decided to hang his hat for the remainder of his career...: *gag*...Denver...*cries*


Well, I can no longer like Manning. He is now in the same boat with his brother, as far as I'm concerned. It makes me want to vomit. My stomach turns thinking about it...seeing the pics & videos...*cries more*

Then...what to do with Tim Tebow? What to do...what to do?

Well, in true Chiefs' fan form, I hate the Broncos. That's how it is. And Elway...UGH! Then the SLEAZY way that *gag* John Elway *gag* has handled this whole deal is atrocious! Whatever team this happened with, it would be oozing of sleaze. To be so bold about how you do not like your current starting QB because he is less conventional than you, but still winning...and you still publicly bash your QB & say you have no faith in just disgusting anyway. But then, you go out & attach yourself to the most eligible QB out there in spite of your new 1st round QB performing well, but not to your embarrassing. Horrible. I already didn't like *gag* Denver *gag*, but they have now dropped to the Raider level...or lower.

While gleefully signing Peyton, *gag* Elway *gag* goes and works a trade with another team for your 1st round draft pick/current starting quarterback. When he asks, humbly, to look into trading with his home state...he gets told that everything possible will be done to make it happen, but to remember that business is business. Then? Gets traded for a 4th & 6th round draft pick to...NY Jets?? Wait...WHAT??

This whole thing as been insane & happening to a guy who is humble & just wants to play. I liked him before the draft...but I couldn't root for him this last year since he was a *gag* Bronco *gag*. Now at least I can like this guy as an individual. is being reported another kicker or two: there is a snag in the trade with the Jets for Tebow...and Jacksonville might want to get in on a trade for him whether it's with *gag* Denver *gag* or the Jets. And it appears it has to do with money to Tebow from *gag* Denver *gag* who wants the money to be paid to Tebow by the Jets, not *gag* Denver *gag*. Really? Sleaze-factor shot up even higher. What a crazy story happening right now!

Then the other big story: The Bounty Punishment! Ouch!! the Saints were guilty of covering up putting out bounties on the field after already being caught & warned by the league to stop. When they kept it up & tried to keep it under wraps...that was bad. How bad? VERY bad!
1. The NO Saints have been fined $500,000
2. The team loses 2 2nd round draft picks: 1 this year, 1 next year
3. Saints GM, Mickey Loomis, suspended w/o pay for 1st 8 games of the season
4. Saints Coach, Sean Payton, suspended w/o pay for 1 year
5. Former Saints Defensive Coordinator, "current" for Rams, Gregg Williams, suspended w/o pay indefinitely

Wow! Talk about HARD-CORE!! Roger Goodell has certainly been wielding the tough-love power in the last few years. And he used it to make an example for any other team who currently has a bounty program in place. I'm thinking any other team needs to stop quickly...cuz they see what can happen. So if any other team is busted now, I can tell you there will be NO tolerance for it AND the punishment would be at least the same...if not worse. Which is good. I highly approve of this move. Sad for the Saints, but it needed to be done. How awful to make it OK to pay a bonus to take out another player during a game.

Whew!! That's a lot. A pro NFL player tweeted today calling the NFL the ultimate reality TV show! I would have to agree!

Grab your popcorn, sports fans...this is quite a show!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


TEBOW UPDATE: As of just after 7:45 PM CDT, Tebow was given the choice by *gag* Denver *gag* to pick which team, between NY Jets & Jax Jaguars, he wanted to go to. Really?? Given a choice now?? Well...looks like the choice is...NY Jets! Wait...WHAT?? Oh, who knows?

NEW TEBOW UPDATE: As of just after 8:00 AM CDT, the Jets have agreed to pay half the money owed to Tebow & *gag* Denver *gag* has sucked it up & agreed to pay the other half. Tebow on his way to New York.

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