Wednesday, March 7, 2012

AM~Erica is Drinking Purple (Angry Politic Smackdown)

So anyway...

It is 2012. If you aren't aware as of's an election year. A BIGGIE election year.

Now then, if you know me, you know that I am NOT a politically-driven person. It's about to the point that I HATE politics. Seriously. And there are so many around me/us that are so's actually annoying.

Now then, I know we need to keep up on what's going on. I do that, there's no choice. But I do it in a manner that I actually listen to what's going on & make my decision not based on the color of kool-aid to drink.

Just listening to & watching the candidates is horrible enough as it is, but then to listen to those around defending the ridiculousness of their "side" to no end is irritating. And it's even worse when those same people post about & send out & talk about personal attacks on anyone they don't agree with. And what is even worse about this is the fact that many of these personal attackers are supposed to be Christian people.

When you just sign up/register for one particular party, you are sucking down jugs of kool-aid...JUGS! And I do mean the Jonestown-level. Whether it's red or know who you are that are sucking down the poison.

Now then, I do believe that voting should be different. There is a "quiz" out there that you can take to figure out who your candidate should be that you would vote for. It is done blindly & in a fashion where you pick the issue stance closest to what you believe. After calculation at the end, it tells you who your candidate is. We should be voting on the issues...and I am positive that many who take it would be shocked who they would actually be voting for.

You know...that would be worth taking time to go vote. Not just going in & pushing a button or punching a chad...but actually taking a test. Once you hit 'submit', it tells you who you voted for. Period.

Now that most of you are probably mad at me, think about how the offices, parties & candidates would actually look. And, as for caucuses, WHAT A SHAM!! Early states get screwed, and other states get told they don't matter, so not many turn out...and you can only vote for whatever you are registered as. UGH!!! I understand having the caucuses, but it needs to be it's own Super Tuesday where everyone votes at the same time & see everything whittled down at once.

If you haven't figured out, I'm just moderate. I look at everything. I listen. I roll my eyes at all of you who rah-rah for your democrat or republican parties. I drink purple. Deal with it. The poison of true red & the poison of true blue is poisoning the patriotism of this whole country.

*deep breath in, deep breath out* I will step off of my soapbox for now. And know that if I see anymore ridiculous rah-rah posts of anything for any particular party or a hateful one against the 'other party'...I may very well call you out on it. There is no need to spew the hate & fling the poo at each other. You're not proving anything except that you are closed-minded & set in your ways.

And people wonder why I hate politics. Now then...get over yourselves, take a breath...and let's all hug & get along.

Stay tuned...if you dare...

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. Amen! I took the quiz during the last election, and I was completely shocked at the results. I went with it, though, after some careful research. Why, why, why do we have to spout such harsh words to each other every four years? I'm with you. I also drink purple. Well said...

  2. Oh so well put Erica!!!! I too am the moderate that doesn't know who to vote for until the bitter end and am totally sick of being made to feel that I am supposedly not a good christian because I don't vote a strictly republican ticket. So many people seem to be blindly following a party without truely knowing what they are standing for!