Saturday, March 24, 2012

AM~Erica Does Not Agree

So anyway...

Yesterday was a very crazy day. VERY CRAZY! Part of the craziness was the teen children doing school competition activities. Both are activities that I participated in when I was in high school. So having them follow in my footsteps makes a mama proud!

The girl was part of an ensemble, for choir, that went to districts. I know she was working on her music since she would sing her part of the songs ALL OF THE TIME! (Plus other things since she sings ALL OF THE TIME!) When she was done, we really needed to go get her or she would have between 5-6 hours of downtime. So we gave in & picked her up. Her ensemble did find out how they did. If you are familiar with contests, you will know that you hope to get a '1' rating. It's the best you can get...especially if there's a '+' after it! Well...after hearing about 2 of the ensemble members being off pitch & one of the girls decided to lip sync her part, and after the judge told them to leave right after they were done...I think they should feel really good about their '2' rating. She was disappointed, but she did all that she could do. It's when you have to lean on the help of others to achieve an end goal who don't really care or who are off their game, it doesn't bode well for the group. So...I am very proud of how my daughter did! Celebrate the '2'!

The teen boy, on the other hand, had a middle school level forensics tournament to go to. It's the 2nd one he's gotten to go to this year. He does a Humorous Interp (HI). The last tourney he went to, he made it to finals & took 5th place. Isn't that awesome? I sure think so! Now, we are realist parents (there aren't as many of those as you might hope there would be out there), and we tried to keep him encouraged, yet grounded. We just remind him to do his very best & see what happens. Later that evening, we got word that he'd made it to finals again! YEA!! And when he got home, he shared with us that he took...5th place...again! Woot!! So very proud of him!! But it came with concern...from him:

As it turns out, there are host schools that allow their own students to compete. Since these types of contests are done by opinion-based judging, and that the school & students ask family, friends & members of that community to come judge the rounds, that gives an unfair advantage to the competitors. This is not an event where "home field advantage" is appropriate. Yet, it seems to be happening. As middle schoolers trying to get the experience in these's so difficult when their school pulls from crucial tournaments because of the host school banking on using that home field advantage thing. The whole process screws everyone over.

I only did it in high school. I don't ever remember a host school participating in their own tourney. The only time was during practice tourneys...but that was just for pointers.

So, I have a question that I hope to get comments on here...on the blog comments below:
If you are or ever have been involved in forensics tourneys & have dealt with your/a host school pulling the home-field advantage, what are your thoughts/opinions, and/or your experiences on either side been?
I would love to hear from you!

Thank you!!

Oh...and one more "I'm so proud of my kids!" OK...I'm better now...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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