Monday, June 4, 2012

AM~Erica Loves Lucy & Her Lessons

So anyway...

I'm not sure if you know, but I Love Lucy. I really, REALLY do. It's not just cliche'.

She proved you can be dorky, funny, spunky while being beautiful & stylish all at the same time! What a gal! What an icon! I mean...what did you really expect from a redhead? HA!

Well, this weekend while chilling out, my hubby came across some episodes being shown on TV Land. So the family took pause to take in what the show was about. Even though lil guy didn't really get it, the rest of us were laughing! It's priceless footage for sure.

There was an episode shown that really got my attention. As funny as it was, it totally covered an important issue that we promote today. Though we were laughing, it was really sad at the same time. It was about self image.

OK...a lot of what she covered was done out of over compensating for her insecurities, but this one really hit a note. It's the episode of "The Diet".

Lucy is already feeling bloated & down on herself. Then she hears that Ricky's lead dancer isn't going to be able to continue & he is in need of a female to step up who can sing & dance. She is trying for all her worth to get his attention that she could step up to do it, but he blows off her spontaneous effort. He says he'll hold auditions, so she says she'll pretend that they don't know each other & come to audition. He agrees!
*side note: not sure if this was Ricky really being a pig of a husband or if it might be interesting role play to spice up their relationship*

So Lucy shows up to this scene:

I don't know how I would feel walking into that situation. Well, I would know how to show up at an audition, but that's beside the point. This would be intimidating & frustrating! Then to hear that the dancers have known Ricky for years & tell Lucy they know she isn't is type? It's funny for the joke, but sad to think about. How much more deflating is that? Especially since you are supposed to be coming in as an "unknown" to the audition!

Of course, our dear Lucy fakes her way miserably thru the audition...but then it comes to be that he's really needing someone who can fit into the size 12 costume. Back then...that might've been the norm, people! Not a size 0 or size 2...size 12!!! Even though sizing was different then...

She swears she can wear the costume & shreds it to pieces when she tries it on. So she gives herself 6 days to prove she can wear the size 12. And Ethel tries to help.

Jump ropes, laps around the apartment...and all while wearing sweats. Just like I've seen wrestlers do to get their weight down. It's horrific! Lucy can't even stand up, let alone weigh in. Finally, she's lost 5 ounces after all of that to bring her a grand total of 2 pounds. She's trying to lose about 10 pounds in the 6 days.

When dinner comes around, Ethel has fixed steak & potatoes for Fred, Ricky & herself. Lucy got a celery stalk. Even the dog was being fed better!

There is a point where she even sits in a rented home sauna box to "melt off" the rest of the weight on day 6 before the show that night.

Eventually, we end up at the club. Ricky has already hired one of the other girls. Then, when the music starts, much to Ricky's surprise, we see:

...and she is adorable doing the dance to "Cuban Pete", as sung by Ricky.

Afterward, she obviously collapses. We see her on a stretcher & asking Ricky if she gets to be his dancer every night. He says no since she needs 3 WEEKS of rest due to...MALNUTRITION!

This episode was so entertaining in Lucy's way...but it was also a hard-hitting point. She was, of course, beautiful as she was. What high demands & obstacles her hubby put her thru to make her think she had to do all of that. Especially just to get his attention.

It's all about our self image & how we see ourselves. It is also how we make others feel about themselves, too. I can't preach it enough!

And if you want to feel better about yourself, just start eating better & drinking more water. Try going for a walk, even. Laugh, love & live on top of that. Don't go by magazines! Don't go by Hollywood standards, either! You can be fabulous just being you. (Well, most of us.)

Oh, in case you were wondering, Lucy tied up the new lead dancer, gagged her & stuffed her into the sink of the janitor's closet. Lucy went THAT far to get her hubby's attention. And it took that much to do so. It shouldn't have. That's a whole other post by itself.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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