Monday, January 7, 2013

Now AM~Erica Wants in on the 'Stache Trend

So anyway...

With the ending of 2012 & the beginning of 2013, there's always a year-end set of lists that get thrown at us. One of the lists had to do with 2012 trends that should end in 2013. One of those trends had to do with the whole Moustache Domination. You could find almost anything "machoed up" with a moustache printed or attached to it. It was generally a puffy handlebar style, but I found that most any would do.

You know what? I hate facial hair. Ask my hubby. I love seeing his face. And I, personally, don't enjoy feeling the scruff. Just not my thang, yo. He had to grow facial hair for a Last Supper thing at church a few years ago. I told him that the moment it was over, the scruff goes. I almost took a razor to the church. But he did shave when we got home. know...*cringe & shiver*

So imagine me being baffled at the fact that the moustache took on a life of it's own this past year. It seemed to be the symbol of macho power...for guys AND gals! Was I entertained? Of course! Was I all impressed & stuffs...ummm...not really.

I do wonder if part of the draw was the RELEASE OF "THE LORAX" MOVIE this past year.

Now THAT'S a 'stache! But it went beyond that...all kind of famous moustaches in all sorts of eras were being immolated & celebrated. Just a real head scratcher for me.

Let's all take a moment to thank Mario for being our moustache model today...

But I may have had a slight change of heart...

Now, settle down...I do NOT want my guy to start sprouting a lip garden all of a sudden. No...even though it was on a list to get rid of the 'stache trend this year, I say we keep it around. Why? Well, allow me to explain.

Not sure if you've heard the news or not, but THE CHIEFS JUST GOT A NEW HEAD COACH! It's kind of a big deal. Especially around Kansas City, for sure. And...have you seen our new guy? It's Andy Reid, y'all! Check out this guy's lip garden:

That, my friends, is some serious 'stache workin'. Don't you think so? Well, I do! And I'm so excited about him coming, I couldn't wait for the "Official Press Conference" today. It happened to include a lot of niceties, schmoozing, hard-question-dodging, and a buffet that included about 6 different kinds of wings. Was it all earth-shattering? Nope...not really. The format was interesting, but not the content. However, it was still exciting that we have this guy. It builds hope for maybe the nostalgic feel of the Hank Stram days. It is building the hope & faith back up in a once great organization. We want that history to repeat itself. And maybe, just beyond the donning of red apparel, but we might have the power of...THE 'STACHE!

So, it got me thinking. And we all know it can get scary inside my brain when the wheels start turning...
I would love to have Chiefs Football Opening Day Kickoff get-together...featuring...MOUSTACHES!! Not sure if we can make the opening day one happen...but at least once.

There's even a PINTEREST BOARD I SET UP just for that reason.

I'm usually AHEAD OF THE TRENDS...but sometimes I grasp on a little late. And I think it will work in KC. We need to properly welcome & support the newness of our football coach and renewed team in 2013 & beyond!

Who's with me? And how many mock-'staches do you think will be found at Arrowhead Stadium once the [pre]season gets started?? Hmmmmm....

Workin' my own 'stache to welcome & support Andy Reid in KC. Like it? 

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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