Wednesday, February 27, 2013

AM~Erica Needs Faith in the Benchwarmer

So anyway...


Whether you are excited for it or totally hate it, it's still big news...

There will be a change in the QB position on the Chiefs. It was thrown out there from pesky sports reporters hoping this story would stick, but it was made semi-official today that a trade would be made between KC & the San Fran 49ers.

That's right! One of the teams from THIS YEAR'S SUPER BOWL would actually trade their QB!!


Hold on there a moment though...

We are trading our 2nd round pick (which is also the 1st pick in that round) for this year, plus a "conditional mid-round pick in 2014" for this guy! That's huge stakes, people!

So...we MUST be getting Kaepernick, right? This is SO exciting!! He did really well in the Super Bowl & went from a benchwarmer to a

It's not Kaepernick? We got the season starter for the 49ers: Alex Smith! let me get this straight...
We are trading high-stake draft picks for a replace our now-highly-paid benchwarmer.

Meme courtesy NFL Memes


It's been reported that this trade was happening, but the draft picks to be traded were speculated.

Now then...while Alex Smith started for the 49ers, he did fine! And apparently it had to do with the coaching that had come in. So Jim Harbaugh was a good thing for Smith. But somewhere in there, during the season that got them to the Super Bowl...Alex fell from the coach's favor & was placed upon the bench of shame...

In this very same year, we had a starter, too. But it became a very sad story. We Chiefs' Fans are a fickle bunch. But when you are used to being a force to be reckoned with...even in an off season...then you have a season where no one causes a stir, and people start looking for scapegoats.

Our named scapegoats were: GM Scott Pioli, Head Coach Romeo Crennel, and QB Matt Cassel.

The fans desperately wanted Pioli out & Cassel benched! Eventually, Crennel gave into the fans & benched our starter...who was, by now, beaten & broken. We ended up with Brady Quinn...who has a good arm, but not the vision or the accuracy...but it's what KC was asking for. Be careful what you ask for, amm-i-rite?

Non-Football Savvy Teen Girl happily with Brady Quinn. She loves him.
She could care less about talent level.

As soon as the ugly season ended...Crennel was gone...Pioli was gone...and a new regime was swiftly & excitedly put into place!

Now the fans were pushing for the QB situation to change RIGHT NOW! But it wasn't going to happen until OUR NEW HEAD COACH, ANDY REID (who I still can't believe we landed), and with OUR NEW GM, JOHN DORSEY (who was awesomely excited to get this job) could get acclimated with their new surroundings.

And...they were excited to be here! HERE!! For really-realz, yo! And I, for one, was terribly excited to land these guys! But we also knew that we would need to leave the rest up to how the upcoming draft might be handled.

Even though the fans were dying to get a QB as the 1st pick in the draft (that I am hoping that's what Clark Hunt was pushing for), there just aren't any in this class talented enough to be that 1st pick. But I'm pretty sure we'll take one of them somewhere...since I have a feeling our "current starter", Quinn, will be making an exit. (Teen Girl will be so sad...)

** In my opinion...none of the QB's this year should be higher than 3rd round worthy...but that's just me **

Now then...John Dorsey has already made it clear that he would push for getting the best PLAYER out there available. Notice he didn't specify that he would be looking for any particular put your stock into the best person there & work with them...whether to help your team or as leverage, I'm sure.

Now with all of that said...we come back to the Alex Smith situation. The Chiefs have decided to wager major draft picks for a talented benchwarmer. Awesome.

You the 1st "official" roster change for the Reid-Dorsey team...they may have overshot it a bit...

And now that we have Alex Smith coming on board for such a high price...there's no way we will be keeping our high priced benchwarmer. We will need to release Matt Cassel.

I'm not gonna lie, y'all...I feel SO bad for Cassel. He does have talent, just not an elite QB. And with such a bad coaching run...he fell out of our grace on the field. And when he's released...who is gonna take him? We turned him into damaged goods. I say "we" as the fans. Did he help himself? No, not really...but we certainly did not support him either. So, I think he will have to be released into the wild.

Oh wait! I have a job for him! Let's push for him to be another analyst on ESPN! Amm-i-rite? You know it could happen.

Now the NFL SCOUTING COMBINE winds will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks.

Remember when I called this KC/SF deal "semi-offical"? It cannot be actually official until the NFL season is actually declared open. This will happen on March 12th. Then the officiality of the deal will take place.

Then it's countdown to Draft Day(s)! Wonder if we will take that Sandcastle...

On another quick note...I really like having the KC Chiefs as a lead sports story in a positive-type light. *shrugs*


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

PS ~ It was pointed out that the last time we got a QB from SF was the last time we WON a playoff...back in 1993 with Joe Montana. Hmmm...hoping for history repeating itself...maybe not this year...but soon enough...??

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