Sunday, January 13, 2013

AM~Erica is Getting Even More Pumped

So anyway...

I have already expressed my excitement for the upcoming CHIEFS' FOOTBALL SEASON. continues to escalate...

The Kansas City fanbase was already treated to the mega turnover in the organization by cleaning house & landing Andy Reid as our new head coach. And in very short time, too! And, the press conference was held exactly 1 week after the clearing out of the past season's regime. Then it was about filling more coaching and a new GM.

This time, it looked like there were a couple of very hopeful options that seemed truly viable for us to land in the General Manager...especially since we got the new head coach that we did.

Then, it was shared that we landed one of those two options to be our new GM: John Dorsey!

This is John Dorsey - the new GM for KC. He was the one I was pulling for, too!

Wha-WHA??? People, we are landing some serious football commodities, here! And I want to applaud Clark Hunt for making the strides in trying to turn things around.

If you are not here in Kansas City, you cannot fully understand what has happened around here...and the excitement that surrounds our area.

I have had to travel on I-70 a few times in the last couple of weeks. There is about a quarter mile stretch, as you pass the stadium complex (the K...or Kauffman stadium that houses the Royals, and Arrowhead stadium which houses the KC Chiefs) that has such an energy buzz that you can intently feel in their air as you go by. It's crazy, but true. Can anyone else feel it while driving by the stadiums? Step forward if you do...or don't.

Interestingly the coaching staff grows, too, the countdown to the official press conference introducing John Dorsey as our new GM will happen tomorrow week after the official press conference to introduce Andy week after the mudslide of firings began with Romeo Crennel. And, as I'm thinking...Andy had his press conference one week after Romeo was let go; John Dorsey was a confirmed hire just right at one week after Scott Pioli was let go. Interesting parallels, I am sensing. (sorry...went all Yoda for a moment there...)

Oh...and the press conference is happening on Monday...again...since...well, you know...that whole thing where the NFL frowns upon other NFL news stealing spotlight from the playoff games. (Which, btw, the playoff games this weekend were unbelievable & I hope the Super Bowl ends up as exciting as these games this weekend.)

The renewed excitement around sports in KC is astounding! It's electrifying again. I love it!

Even if this year doesn't turn out as well as hoped...I hope we remember these building moments. It's a beautiful thing!

I'm also excited about the MOUSTACHE TREND that I think will be sticking around in KC. Even a local paper, The Pitch, had something about it. More on that to come...

Also, with Andy Reid getting a buffet for his press conference that included 6 different kinds of you think John Dorsey's will have a buffet with a bunch of ribs? Just thinking?

By the way...these kinds of welcomes have never happened here before. What is happening is huge. What Clark Hunt is doing is turning things around.

There is even a welcoming commercial for Andy Reid right now:

*shivers* It gives me chills. I get goosebumps on my face, even.

Yeah...that's the kind of excitement we've been desperately needing around these parts. And it feels amazing to have that feeling back in the air.

And, as always...GO CHIEFS!

But, no pressure...really...none at all...(lots of pressure)

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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