Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AM~Erica is Tired of the Crusades & Persecution: Part 2

So anyway...

(continued from Part 1)

Christians – I am so sad in how we are showing how we follow Jesus. We pout, we gossip & we shout such vile hatred toward anyone who doesn't believe what we do. We point fingers & shake fists...almost to the points of torches & pitchforks. We have groups who claim to be “Christian” that we get compared to. Why? Because we don't prove much difference from groups like One Million Moms & Westboro Baptist. We get compared to these extremist groups & it bleeds into political standoffs, too. It's embarrassing. Should we stand up for being Christians & our beliefs? Absolutely! But with love & understanding. Don't shove someone down with your words of hate standing up for Jesus. Is that how He would have handled it? We fight with each other. We fight with each other about buildings & why people to come to us. We argue about committees & in committees. We are stuck in the 1950's & prior in the Establishment-type thinking. We are viewed as an “Institution of Religion”. That's not flattering at all.

Non-Christians – SHAME ON YOU!! Many of you spout off about equality & “no hate”, but in fact, you are some of the first ones to tear down a particular Christians. The rudeness is unbelievable! With the peace, love, positive energy, harmony & group hugs you tout, Christians don't seem to work into that for you. I don't know if there is a jealousy there or if Christians seem hypocritical to you. Well, I'm going to point out that you all are being just as hypocritical of us. You should be embarrassed. And when you see a Christian group acting in a not-so-Christian way, take note that the particular group doesn't speak for Jesus, doesn't speak for God & certainly doesn't speak for ALL followers. You talk about individuality, but you will group us into this group in your own concentration camps in your minds.

For both sides - We are all sinners. No sin is greater than another. There is the Ten Commandments & the Golden Rule. You step away from these, then it's bad. A sin is also anything that separates you from God. We all sin differently. Take care of the log in your own eye before you start throwing stones at others. You can't see where you're throwing. And we shouldn't throw the stones at all. Remember that whole “Golden Rule” thing? Treat others how you would want to be treated. It's not difficult. But somehow it so is...

Christians get persecuted for being hypocrites. Well, the church is a hospital for hypocrites. Some need more treatment than others. But there are some that view this treatment as an obligation & to make face. This is wrong, too. Making church about themselves & their own entitlements. If Jesus physically walked into these buildings, how would he react to our actions?

Non-Christians watch Christians in a big way. They wait for us to fall. They want us to fall & we get laughed at. So we get back up & try to beat up those who laugh at us as we try to put ourselves on a pedestal of sorts. What an ugly & vicious cycle.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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