Thursday, May 31, 2012

Apparently AM~Erica Needs More LOL

So anyway...

I was sitting here, on my laptop, checking my sites: Facebook, Pinterst, Twitter...the usual suspects. Lil guy likes to look over my shoulder & attempts to sneak a finger onto the keyboard to see if he can add his own flair. You "h" or a few apostrophes, maybe even a number or two.

Oneth (his version of "first"), he gets really annoyed since he's so bossy and wants ALL attention. Twoth (pronounced "tooth" & his version "second"), he gets really annoyed when I delete his flair to my posts.

Then...he made a decision for me. I needed to add something to the end of my posts...
But I really think sometimes it might be inappropriate:

Hey peoples & others! Sad time, just came from a visitation. LOL!

Well peeps & others...still not feeling good. Puking everywhere. LOL!

Oh, humans & is a hard day & I don't feel like myself. Just feeling really down. LOL!

Hmmm...maybe the addition of "LOL" is not always as fitting as he might think. However, I am pretty sure he'd find it hilarious no matter what. And it's all about him, right?


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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