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AM~Erica is Tired of the Crusades & Persecution: Part 3

So anyway...

(continued from Part 2)

By no means am I anywhere near a “Perfect Christian”. But I will say that I try to live by example. If you love those around you & leave a positive print or connect with them on their level (humor, interests, hangouts, etc.), it is then you make the most impact. I will always be myself. I try to live in the way that God intended for me. I try to use the gifts He gave me. I have a lot of friends & some family who shrug off the Christian part of me, but I am humbled by compliments that people give me because I feel like they should be directed at God for making me who I am. And I choose to use my freewill in a positive way.

Heck...there's a bumper sticker that I saw several years ago that still resonates in my brain:

Jesus ate at Hooter's and rode a Harley.

Think on that one...

OK, I know that my soapboxes aren't always positive sounding...but they have a positive message & I try to show that there is hope. There is hope here, too, people.

Telling others they are wrong because of their sins & saying all they need is Jesus while trying to bound them, tie them, throw them in your trunk & drag 'em to church to make them “all better” is not the best approach. Show the joy in your heart & simply invite people to come with you. Don't let “no” get you down & think they are so super lost. It's a gentle leading & showing them that you have something beautiful that they don't & might actually want. Forcing someone to church is defeating the purpose. We have chased people away because of the nasty examples we have been setting.

Reading the bible just to try to throw words back at followers is wrong. I get excited when people read the bible, but it makes me sad when it's read for the wrong reason. So much can easily be taken out of context if you don't understand the why behind it. If you want to read the bible, do it for the reason that you want to know the Word. That you look for answers from God. If you use it for the purpose of holding words hostage or as stones to throw, you've missed the entire reason of the greatest love story ever told.

We all need to take a stand to end the Crusades & the persecution. It's embarrassing to the whole human race. Love your neighbor, love your enemy. Reach out to the lost. I know that there are those of you out there who are not “a people person”, but you still have to deal with people all the time. I've had my share of sarcastic remarks & not-so-nice words. I can admit it. I also ask for forgiveness.

Faith is a beautiful thing, but we have turned the sake of religion into something so ugly.

So, instead of uttering things like:

“...even though they are gay...”
“...even though they don't go to church...”
“...even though they go to church...”
“...even though they claim to be Christian...”
“...even though they have been in jail...”
“...even though they are in jail...”
“...even though they have tattoos...”
“...even though they are still single...”
“...even though they have no job...”
“...even though they are young...”
“...even though they are old...”
“...even though they have their hair like that...”
“...even though they dress like that...”

...just let people be people & live to be an example. We are all role models of sorts.

I have already said that I'm not a perfect Christian. I fall. I fall hard. Often. But I get back up & try to live better again. I try to watch the words coming out of my mouth & words I post anywhere: whether it's from this blog or on Twitter or on Facebook. I have a messed up & twisted sense of humor. I do. I am ornery as all get out. I know it. But I try to keep it positive in the end. I'm not going to post hatred toward other groups or people. Personal digs against people you don't know are wrong.

So...if we are not open to accepting each other, then we are sad and pathetic. If you openly do or say something stupid...well, you might be open to some backlash. So be smart about what you say.

I have hugs for all of you. Just be wary of how you are treating others. If you were treated in the same manner, how would it make you feel?

As a reminder, we are not the judge & jury. We are not God. We are all made in the image of God. When you see your reflection, it is what you look like, but it is not you. So, just because we are made in God's image, certainly doesn't mean we should play God. God is the final judge. Awfully bold of us to believe otherwise. Because, though we have ONE loving & forgiving God, it is still up to God to show us how we will spend our afterlife eternally. If you spent (or are spending) your life just gossiping about or openly judging others on their sins, how does that make you look while you sin right in front of them, too?

Take a breath, say a prayer, and love one another.

Now...let's bring it in & hug it out!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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