Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AM~Erica Stops to Admire Intertwined Hair

So anyway...

My hubby slightly issued a challenge to me to blog on this...so here it goes.

I realize I covered "hair" yesterday, but I swear it's different this time, so keep reading. Please. Trust me.

I love getting my hair cut. I do. I have tons & tons...& TONS of hair! Some of you may remember that if you messed with my hair in high school or tried to cut/style my hair ever. Tons.

Well, that was an issue for me back in those days. I cut my hair off, FOR GOOD, over a decade ago. My favorite part of the haircut? When it gets thinned. I love it. I know there's several out there who wished they had more hair, or are jealous at this moment because you are losing your hair. If I could be a donor for you , I would. In a heartbeat! I told my hubby I would do this out of a gift of love for his thinning hair if I could. He knows. We laughed about the gift of spousal hair plugs. I know, it's a beautiful thought.

OK, I have not had a set hair stylist person in a very long time. Probably since 2002. I'm not kidding. After that, I would go to random people who would not listen to me, screw up my hair & then I'd go home & fix it. It got so crazy how often this was happening, I was cutting my own hair for years. Seriously. I gave up on "the pros". And every time I'd give a new "pro" a chance...I'd have to fix it anyway.

My hubby, on the other hand, would go to several places to get his hair cut & would come home complaining about no one could get his sideburns right. Which is absolutely true. I would have to help him fix them sometimes. He finally found a place he really liked when we lived in St. Louis, but by the time he decided that was his place...we had to move. And, even though it's a franchise type place, there wasn't one in KC. Although we heard one would be opening, it was going to be quite a drive for him to get there.

Well, just a few months ago, I decided to give another human a try. I was losing my touch cutting my own hair. I went over to Beauty Brands not too far from our house & set up an appointment. I ended up with Megi. Megi is a doll who listened to what I was looking to get. She did a great job! So much so...I couldn't wait to use her again! I got a steady stylist again! And it only took 10 years! Then my hubby had finally had it with his bad sideburn haircuts, so we talked about him trying Megi. Well...that's who he's been going to, also. We just took the boys to her, too! The girl will be coming up soon to see Megi.

We have a family stylist! Woot! She is awesome & has a fabulous memory, too. I highly...HIGHLY recommend her!!

OK...now that I gave you MAJOR background...now onto the meat of my point:

The hubby & I were in desperate needs of getting our hairs cut. So, I set up an appointment with Megi for both of us to go in. It's the second time we did a couple's appointment. Aren't we cute? Well, I went first. And we talked about how much hair I truly have. Even if I go in for a trim, it looks like someone shaved a dog. I wish I was kidding. I'm not. But I got a great haircut from Megi...as always. Then it was hubby's turn. Megi hadn't swept the floor freeing it from my hair before she did hubby's. So, when he was done & happy with his haircut (cuz Megi did such an awesome job), we stood & looked at the ratio of my hair on the ground to his. But it hit us as we were looking at our shared chopped locks spread on the floor around the chair...our hair had been mixed & intertwined...just like mimicking our real life.

We just celebrated 16 years of married bliss a couple of weeks ago & will be taking part in a wedding very soon. So, along those lines, we likened our hair together on the ground to the recent rise of a sand ceremony in weddings. The bride & groom pour in 2 different colors of sand into a glass container representing their 2 lives coming together; and once the sand is poured in, the different sands would be impossible to separate.

Just like our hair on the ground together...intertwined. It would be very difficult to separate the 2 kinds of hair from the both of us as they came together. Just like our lives.

My hubby looked at me & wondered if I'd blog on it. I said I could. He said I blog on everything else...hehe...

Aren't we cute?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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