Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AM~Erica Has a SUPER Crazy Weekend

So anyway...

This past weekend is one that had a lot going on & hard to keep up with. Yes it's Wednesday...but it's been crazy, just like I said. Still wanna know about it? If so, keep reading. If now.

So...who's still with me for the ride? Ready? Here...we...go...!

Just something to keep in mind when you read this is the fact that it has weird holiday-type stuff involved. Understood?

OK, we are going to begin with Friday. It's a very good place to start, since it starts the weekend. This past Friday had a couple of things going on. Since it was May the 4th, it's Star Wars Day. You know...May the Fourth be with you! I also feel like I need to respond with, "And altho with you." (Yes, it's a churchy-liturgically thing...but that's how it goes.)

But then, scheduled to overshadow Star Wars Day, was a very anticipated event: the opening day of "The Avengers" movie! This created Uber Geek Day!

So, who holds non-Star Wars related events on Star Wars Day besides the Avengers? Schools.

That night, lil guy had his school carnival...and...teen boy had his 8th grade dance. So...looked like watching 'The Avengers' on opening day was out. So, we dropped off teen boy at his school & then accompynied lil guy to his school carnival. After we had our fill of that, we went back home. Hubby texted teen boy to see how late we should pick him up & got a response of "as late as possible". WHOA! Teen boy, God love him, is awkward. He to hear this was really kinda awesome! I told hubby to text back that we say hi to the girl. *snicker* But all of this was done after we had dinner. Which was not Star Wars or Avenger themed.

My nerdness needs to find a Star Wars cookbook so I can actually make meals for this that aren't just snacky food. And next year, Star Wars Day will collide with the Kentucky Derby.

But this year, the Kentucky Derby (Race for the Roses) fell on Cinco de Mayo. That's an interesting collision, for sure! The race happens on the 1st Saturday of May. So...a big hat was in order! But so was a fiesta with it being Cinco de Mayo. This is what I wore out of the house later that day:

I put together that big ol' hat. And those shoes are from my shoe blog. They are number 18. It has a fun fiesta-like feel to the outfit & still pays homage to major event at Churchill Downs. Can you imagine the looks I got when I walked into Walmart? There could be pix of me on the website. But I'm not sure.

The biggest reason I said I wore this later in the day was because I could not wear the hat to the theatre. That would've been rude. But my kiddos wore outfits to pay tribute to some Marvel superheros that we were about to watch. Yes...we partook in the watching of 'The Avengers' on opening weekend! We went 1st thing in the morning to catch the 9:40 showing so we would only have to pay $5.00 for each of us to get in. Ummmm...SOLD OUT. Figures. So we shelled out the moolah for the 3D version so we wouldn't have to wait 2 hours & be watching a nearly 2 & a half hour movie during lunchtime. Great movie! Lots of action & humor...didn't need the 3D. But we are dying to go back & contribute more to it's box office intake.

Later we needed to pick up my stepdaughter from the airport, who is in town for the next week for my MIL's wedding. (Oh yes...we are in the midst of all of that, too.) So we got her in & we had enchiladas (duh...Cinco de Mayo) & fake strawberry margaritas.

On a nerdy note...I heard May 5th also referred to as "Revenge of the 5th". *snort giggle* So. Funny.

So...after all of that, are you as worn out reading it as I was living it?

Trust me...there will be more exciting things to come. You just wait...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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