Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Natural Clinton Really Bugs AM~Erica

So anyway...

I know I've already done a blog post earlier today, but I need to talk about this.

There are some photos surfacing from a trip that is stirring people on the web & in the media. These pictures are of someone that makes me insane to no end. My skin crawls when this particular figure pops up on TV or the internet or by any other means. Mostly because I do not agree with this person. At all. Not how they got to where they are, not how they handle their job...just...UGH!

So, this is why this particular post is important to share. It's because this will probably be the ONLY time in the history of forever that you will see me defend Hillary Clinton.

*shudder* Just the name makes me cringe, but here goes:

Anything that she has or has not done, job-wise, has nothing to do with this post. The pictures that have surfaced is my focus.

Right now, she is being torn down for showing up on a trip without makeup! *GASP* WHAT??? Yes, without makeup. Why? Why would she show herself like that?

But the biggest question about this lewd act is...WHY DOES IT MATTER?????

We are in an age where we are trying so hard to defend & accept body & self image. Especially for females. I'm all about wearing makeup & doing hair to feel better about how I feel. Sometimes it just perks me up. But that's not for every female out there. We need to build each person up as beautiful as they are. No going under the knife & adding diseases to ourselves to be "more beautiful". This is a real struggle right now. take a strong woman like Hillary *cringe* who shows up as totally herself, she gets blasted for it.

If you are going to blast this person for anything, it should be more of how she has handled herself in the name of the country & how she has gotten to the power she has. It certainly should not be for not having makeup on. Or contacts in for that matter.

For the women out there who have serious allergies, you know when you just can't get the eye makeup on & can't put contacts in because your eyes watered so much or are so itchy? Then it's just weird to put on the rest of your makeup except maybe some lip gloss? Did anyone stop to think about the fact that could have been happening? That's just a theory. It could be ANY reason. It could be that she just wanted to sleep in & not even worry about it.

It's not right that we have to focus on HOW she showed up instead of WHY she showed up. Really?

Believe it or not, I applaud her for laughing the whole thing off. Good for her. And shame on anyone else who had decided to degrade her for that. Find other I do. HA!

OK...I've gotta shake off this post. Like I said...I don't like her. At all. That's my opinion. Got it? Let me live with my purple politics. OK?

Now...let's learn to leave the tearing down of self image alone.

Thank you. I have now ended my PSA soapbox.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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  1. Good for you. I'm not a fan of hers either, but darnitall it's such a double standard. WHO CARES is right. And the nerve that people rip her apart is horrifying. Brava lady!