Thursday, May 24, 2012

Confusing Packaging Really Bothers AM~Erica

So anyway...

I know in my last post, I said I needed to get on my soapbox again. However, this isn't the topic I was talking about. Another has stepped up in its place for just a little bit. But you'll understand as you read along. And, don't worry...the other topic will be covered very, VERY soon!

For years, there has been a big battle going on that can spark the confusion of children & even adults. Any thoughts on what it is? How about this as something to think on:

So...the picture is of candy on one side & pills on the other. Can you tell the difference? It's hard. Isn't it? And even scarier to think about.

If you have any of these meds where a child can get a hold of them by accident, more than likely they think they are sneaking candy. It's horrible to think about. I remember charts of this stuff being up in my doctor's office when I was a kid. The mix up can be just that easy & even more scary.

This leads me to another product that I have had issues with since it came out. Not the product, itself...but the packaging it comes in...

When Tide came out with their new Pods, it is/was supposed to be this new & revolutionary product! (aren't they all?) The gel packs are brightly colored, but the biggest problem I saw when the commercials came out what the "canister" they came in. Look at this:

Looks like a candy jar! Don't you think? I certainly did! I even complained to my hubby about it whenever the commercial would come on or when we would need to stroll down the laundry aisle lately. If I were a kid & saw that in the laundry room, I would wonder why my mom was hiding candy & try to take a piece, open up those would be bad.

After several months of this & my complaining (I wasn't quiet about it), the Tide Pods are now under fire mistaking them for candy! Hubby saw the story first & made sure I saw it. He looked at me & said, "you've been saying that for a long time."

Just take caution, people! This is with ANY product that is pretty & candy-like! Make sure you are using/consuming the product you think you are & for the correct reason. It could be a matter of life & death. Seriously.

And in case you were wondering...the candy is on your left & pills on your right.

OK...I'm stepping off my soapbox after delivering this very important & timely PSA. Be safe out there, kids!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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