Wednesday, January 16, 2013

AM~Erica is Even More Stoked

So anyway...

You know that I have been very excited about the UPCOMING CHIEFS' SEASON! Right?

After we acquired Andy Reid as our new head coach, we landed John Dorsey as our new GM! All in 2 weeks worth of time, we got rid of Romeo Crennel, got Andy Reid, got rid of Scott Pioli, and then got John Dorsey. And then the welcoming press conferences to officially welcome both Reid & Dorsey were exactly 1 week & 1 hour apart.

It was exciting to know that we got Reid, as you well know...and the press conference was only exciting due to the fact it was a full-frontal public welcome. It was a lot of gentle schmoozing, nicey-nicities, and apparently a lot of wings.

When JOHN DORSEY GOT HIS TURN to get his full-frontal shot at the public. And you know what? It was ELECTRIFYING!! There was such an amazing presence & energy from this guy! Did he do the schmoozy-nicities? Yep...sure did. was different!

As it turns out, Mr. Dorsey was approached by other teams, also. He didn't talk to them. The thought of coming to KC in its obvious turnover & newness seemed very appealing. And he told Clark Hunt in the interview that he wanted to come to KC...because "it is the crown jewel of the NFL." He went on to say that Clark asked him why he viewed it as such...and he went on GLOWINGLY about the fans. He loved the passion of the fans...and he didn't even compare us to the fanbase or the organization of Green Bay (where he has been involved with in some capacity for 20+ years). He's ready to roll up his sleeves & get to work.

In a later quick interview, he told a reporter that he is "The GM of the Kansas City Chiefs. And that's AWESOME!"

You know what else? He's not going to take stupidity from the press at conferences. He wants them to not ask stupid questions (like they tend to do...I guess they can't help themselves) & just get to the point. He proved that during the press conference. It was magical.

My hubby & I were so excited, so charged up...we literally did the 2-person wave on the couch (actually Teen Boy considered that more of a ripple than a wave...whatevs). And we were sad we had no big Chiefs' foam fingers to wave in the air. That's how amazingly excited we got!

And? Because of the fact that Clark is part of the Hunt family, it holds great weight in the football community. When Clark Hunt talks, the NFL community listens...and gravitates. We are also getting quite a coaching staff together, too.

Oh what a year this may turn out to be. Have I mentioned that I'm excited & stoked? Cuz I'm totally excited and stoked!

Now...Dorsey did give warning that things are not gonna just happen. He begged the fans to be patient, and called this a marathon...not a sprint. It was a really good reminder. But after hitting rock-bottom, we can only head upward. We are no longer a lethargic & apathetic fan base. We are charged up. Anything would be good. And now appropriate & exciting people are jumping on the S.S. Arrowhead!

Clark Hunt has definietly been working the Hunt name, and has made things happen quickly because of it. He seems to want to be much more involved now, too. Good or's something...and it says a lot...loudly. That's pretty much what Reid AND Dorsey said in their press conferences. It was who called them that got their attention.

And, if you remember, I am stoked for getting on the gimmicky band wagon of a tired trend.  THE MOUSTACHE TREND is what I am totally ready to rock when the Chiefs take the stage.

Well, I have a friend from high school who shared this pic on Facebook:

It was in a local paper of "The Pitch." Well, after I got ridiculously excited & hoped someone would find me one of these...she was awesome & offered to send me her copy! Woo Hoo!!!

Well, a couple of days later, I got an empty envelope. I was bummed. Someone had opened it & taken my moustache printout. *sigh*

She offered to find me another, but I decided I would just look online...and...??

Yeah...stick them up your stupid nose! *snort*

You're welcome. Now you can join me! Wanna see?

So...who is seriously getting pumped & stoked & excited & stuffs for some serious (and hopefully, finally, some competitive) Chiefs Football??

I'm ready! Adding to the 'stache season is gonna be entertaining, for sure...

Quick! Let's do the wave! I'll start...


Hmmm...this was much better than just 2 of us on a couch...


Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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