Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Quasi-Quarantine of AM~Erica

So anyway...

Here I'd worked so hard to stress to everyone about HOW TO STAY WELL, and to keep myself accountable...but alas...I have been hit by something nasty.

With all the weird stuff going around right now, it could be anything! However, I am still taking my wellness post to heart & doing as much as I can to cut this icky stuff short!

With the coughing that was eventually joined in by my nose taking up running & picking up sneezing along the way, as well as a not-migraine headache (I usually don't get not-migraines much anymore...I could probably count on 1 hand how many times in the last few years & still have phalanges left over)...and then...and THEN...I was just run down. This lack-of-energy thing is way tiring.

My hubby has been really good about making sure I'm taken care of. He made me go to bed. I would have resisted, but I didn't have the energy...

And, since I'M PRETTY SURE I'M A DISNEY PRINCESS, this girl had to take on Aurora's role...and just sleep. And my Prince Charming (yes, I am still talking about my hubby) would come check on me.

Now, Friday is our usual day of the week to spend time together. It's hubby's day off & we can get our weekly grocery shopping done & anything else we might want or need to squeeze in. It's like a morning & afternoon long date day...that just happens to include grocery shopping. Ummmm...we are more than into Saturday now...and we don't have much food in the house. Why? I couldn't even handle the umph of grocery shopping! Ugh. I've already stated that I WILL NOT MISS ANYTHING MY KIDDOS DO unless you physically make me...or it had better me something really big...or my own death to make me miss it, I was feeling pretty OK this morning while getting Lil Guy ready for his basketball game. the morning went...and the game went...the more I was running out of steam quickly. If I could've slept in the chair I was sitting in during the game...I might have. That, my friends, is not a good sign.

I had more to do today. Like helping a fantastic couple get set up for their 50th wedding anniversary festivities of vow renewal & reception. I was even planning what to wear...but I was sequestered back to bed by Prince Charming...and more sleep I got. Before I knew hubby was changed & leaving. I said I'd get around to meet him there for at least the ceremony...but he informed me that I shouldn't be around the public. *sigh* I feel so bad for feeling so bad. I didn't even have the energy to argue about it. That's how you know how zapped I am.

So I am quasi-quarantined. But I don't even have the gusto to go anywhere. I will help put together a mini list for a few things we desperately need...but other than that...don't count on a whole lot from me.

And with that...I'm going to hang out in my tower with my symptoms: Coughy, Snotty, Poundy, Sneezy, Sleepy... See? Just like a Disney Princess! And the Web Doc told me it could be a I could self-medicate & just get Dopey. *shrugs*

That's right...superheros show up in my fairy tales. What?

Well...I do have a handsome Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet...and make me sleep this stuff off.

A lesson I learned: total lack of motivation feels way more productive than total lack of energy.

OK...This Snow White is gonna trap herself in her Rapunzel tower & totally pull an Aurora. No energy for the Cinderella stuff...

Stay tuned...(and stay well...)

God Bless, AM~Erica

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