Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today, AM~Erica is Brought to You by the Letter 'B'

So anyway...

I'm not sure what it was about this morning...and I have watched this show for a few years...but somehow Sesame Street found it's way to my bungalow. has been brought to you by the letter 'B'! It wasn't scheduled on the calendar, it just snuck up on me & entered into conversation this morning!

I turned into some kind of Muppet! I'm not kidding!

So, for this episode, please picture me like this:

British Chap Muppet...with a MOUSTACHE!

I am a British Bloke Breaking it down in my Best British accent.

As I was getting my Baby Boy (aka - Lil Guy) out of Bed, I was asking him about Breakfast. He usually likes Bacon. That's what he I fixed Breakfast for him...then came Back with this:

"I do Believe that you should get out of Bed and Bring your Boy Booty, wrapped in your Blanket, to the Breakfast table for your Breakfast of Bacon. BOOM!"
(all done in my Best British accent)

Bacon! Bacon starts with 'B'!
I Brought him out of his Bedroom for his Breakfast, told him he needed to have his Bacon (with yogurt & vitamins...even though those didn't fit the theme...except for maybe the Vitamin B in the vitamin) so that he could catch the Bus.

Bus! Bus starts with 'B'!

After Breakfast, Baby Boy needed to Brush his teeth & hair. I let him know he needed to dress warmly since it was so Brisk outside! Burrrrrrrrr...!!

**Side Note: Hubby said yesterday that "Bird" is not the's just "Burr!" I informed him it's probably because the 'd' froze off. **
(Back to our regularly scheduled program...)

So, as I sipped (read "guzzled") my Brew (still coffee, not tea...British only in the accent today), I prepared to drive Baby Boy to the Bus stop in my car, Bessie. (yes, my car is really named Bessie...she told me so)

Baby Boy got Bundled up, and off to the Bus we Bounded...But only after I put on my Black Beret & Black Boots...and Boa.

Black Beret & Boa while sipping my Brew. Pic has a Blue hue! (Oh...look...DR. SEUSS JOINED US, TOO!)

Black Boots! Black Boots starts with 'B'!
So, Baby Boy got on the Bus & I waved Bye to him.

Do you think my other [teenaged] Babies would think I was Bonkers? Bingo! I need to Buckle down & get Busy!

Time to find me some Breakfast...or Brunch...


Today's Blog post was Brought to you By the letter 'B'

Big Bird shows us a Butterfly & Butterfly Book...all starting with 'B'

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica          (BLESS! Bless starts with 'B'!)

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