Thursday, January 3, 2013

AM~Erica is Still Sharing Christmas

So anyway...

I know after a HARSH POST TO START THE NEW YEAR, I realized I hadn't caught you all up on the conclusion of our NEW FAMILY CHRISTMAS TRADITION and it's FOLLOW UP about what the next ones were...but never gave the conclusion. And...I know you were just holding your breath, waiting to hear how we finally did it...


Well, you are a funny color of blue-purply...I don't even know what color that is. So let it out & I will be happy to share with you the last couple of movies & treats we went to for newfound tradition of picking Christmas movie & Christmas treat...

So....since there is a BUNCH OF PEOPLE IN OUR HOUSE right now, it took us a while to get thru everyone's picks. I've already shared the first 5 rounds with here's the wrap up with the final 2:

6. "The Grinch" with milk chocolate AND dark chocolate cordial cherries

7. "Scrooged" with Riverboat Red: Smooth Sweet Red wine/Welch's Sparkling Red grape juice

Overall...what a fun tradition this was to start!! And, with 7 of us choosing this time (it will be less next year, I'm sure), we still had several movies & specials we would have liked to get into the mix. So...maybe we will each get double orders next year. But who knows? It was all so much fun anyway!

We do already have some other traditions we'd like to start next year. It was a bit hectic to start them this time around. But everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Now we will have some rules with our newfound tradition to enforce next year:

A. Everyone matter who picked the movie/treat & what it is! (however, some exceptions can be made in treats if an individual does not like what was chosen)

2. Absolutely no extra electronic gadgets! Participating in a family thing is mandatory! We are creating memories, dang it!

III. (this one has not been fully discussed, but I'm putting it out there anyway) We all get in our pajammies! Oh yeah! I mean...why not? I think you all are caught up with our traditions & our SEATTLE FAMILY TRIP. I don't think I'm behind in filling you all in with much more. WHEW!!!

The only thing left is to remind you that the 12 Days of Christmas is going on right now. December 25th begins the 12 days. And whoever is giving their true love so many birds needs their head examined! We are on day 9 today. So we have gotten past any of the gifts for the birds...and now it calls for ladies dancing. Simmer down, people...I'm not exactly going to give you about 9 Lady Dancers?

Yes...I am one of these 9 Lady Dancers in this fabulously early 90's dance pic.
And...we decided to keep up our Christmas tree(s) up until know, the 12th day of Christmas! This is a huge change for us. But I like it. Oh...look! Another traditions change/start!

We are on the ball!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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