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AM~Erica is Working Toward Staying Well

So anyway...

If you are unaware, maybe because you live under a rock or in an actual cave, you will probably know that there is major-crazy buzz around the flu season this time around. However, if you do live under that rock...I guess you are well, anyway...

But, for everyone else, schools have closed due to the outbreak being near epidimic levels, hospitals are overflowing...and there are even M*A*S*H-like tent cities set up outside of the ER's specifically for those who have the flu or flu-like symptoms. There was news that a restaurant in Springfield, MO closed down due to the virus.

Flu tent outside of an ER in Philadelphia to help keep the virus out of the hospital

A set up of famous fictional M*A*S*H unit 4077

I'm gonna make something clear: IT'S A VIRUS! Or at least one of a few. So, sadly...when you go to the doctor or the hospital because it's so bad, they are probably going to give you IV fluids. If Tamiflu is working for you (for any of you who have needed to try to take it), then that's good. However, I am wondering how many of you out there got the flu vaccine, and still got sick!

Some of you reading this may be shocked & mortified, and others will completely agree with me...but...
our family does not get the flu vaccine. Because...guess's based on the previous flu strands. And? There is ALWAYS the "new strand of flu" that could not be included in it. And? There is another virus going around that is is NOT the flu! So, the vaccine & Tamiflu ain't gonna touch it, people.

I have no idea what my affinity is about going to the doctor, but I just get so bothered to have to pay anything to go & have them shrug & say there's nothing they can do...then wish me luck.

So, there's some things that many of us...OK...well...ALL of us should be doing to help ourselves & others. Some of it just makes sense (I've decided not to call it "common sense" any longer...more on that in a future post), but there are many who are too prideful & over-confident to keep up on some practices...

One of the biggest things to do? WASH YOUR HANDS! A lot...a WHOLE lot. Then carry lotion so viruses to sneak into the cracks of over-dried hands. And try to avoid a lot of handshaking, high-fives, cheek-kissing, etc. Maybe we should just be like Howie Mandel for a while & just fist-bump people. Oh, and we could learn from what children are taught when washing their hands: sing a 20-second song (even if it's just in your head). It's been brought up to use the "Alphabet Song", "Twinkle-Twinkle, Little Star", or "Baa-Baa, Black Sheep". (Actually, all 3 of those are the same multi-task & simplify by washing hands while humming 3 songs at once. You'll be an amazing party trick.) You can carry hand sanitizer, too...but do not become a slave to it! Only use it when needed only when there is no soap & water combo to get a hold of. A certain amount of germ exposure helps build immunity. Don't forget it!

Oh, and please...PLEASE...cover your face/mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing. The best place? In the crook of your elbow or into a tissue. Please do not do it in your hands or just out in the open! *shivers* I'm getting grossed out just thinking about it. The crook of your arm won't have as much contact with things nearly as often as your hands, and you can throw away the tissue that caught your nasty germs-in-flight. Don't let fly everywhere. No need to have your nasty nose &/or spit particles attach themselves to the 3 people across the room, as well as anyone in between that flight pattern. *shivers*

Lots of water! Keep hydrated, folks. And, if you have already lost serious hydration & that flu-y stuff has already taken you over, get some Gatorade or Pedialite down you. Get those electrolites going again. Yes, there is the salts & sugars in them, but your body will need a little extra sumpin'-sumpin' to get back on track!

Also, continue taking in Vitamin C to boost the immunity stuff in your body. Make all those stuffs (yes, I'm using technical sorry if you can't keep up) into little fighting ninjas!

Now then...there is an old wives' tale that chicken noodle soup can help you in getting well. What's one of the first things people want you to do when you get sick? Yep! Have some chicken (noodle) soup! As I have come across some different research on this, it turns out this is true! There are natural antibodies that happen when homemade chicken (noodle) soup is made. So, not only is it soothing...but it is building up those little ninjas, too!

When that throat is scratchy, sore &/or tingly...I have a really awesome tea that I make. Here's what it is:


Throat-Soothing Tea

2 parts lemon juice
1 part water
2-3 T honey
¼ t salt
1 lemon-honey cough drop or throat lozenge (I use Halls)
1 black tea bag
1 green tea bag
1 Throat Coat tea bag
1 t ginger

Fill a microwaveable mug with the lemon juice & water.Add the cough drop or throat lozenge along with the green & black tea bags.Heat up the liquid for about 2 minutes, on high, then let rest for about 1 moreminute. Take out of the microwave, remove the tea bags, then replace them withthe Throat Coat tea bag, and let stand, covered for about 15-20 minutes. Afterthat time, uncover, remove the tea bag, then add the honey, ginger & salt.Stir well & make sure the cough drop/lozenge is dissolving.

Drink it until gone. An occasional gargle with it before you swallow, as itcools to just above luke-warm, is recommended.

Make this upon the onset of a scratchy or sore throat. Repeatseveral times through the 1st couple of days, then back off to 1-2times for a couple of days after that.

** It is not meant to be delicious!! It's not bad, but it isintense & strong! Brace yourself, but it works.


One of the things that is an old wives tale is about cutting up onions & putting them around your house to ward off flu and illness. I had seen this around so much lately, I thought I'd look into it. Ummm...please don't do it! First, an onion is not a is full of juices that have already been given rights to reside in those oniony pores. And viruses are not going to cling to the onions...they are passed around thru contact. Unless you are breathing ON the's not gonna work. And? The smell is so strong! You're just gonna make everyone cry...or sicker the next day due to the overwhelming odor. If there's gonna be a smell of onion in my house, they had better be cooking! That smell is amazing! And...if you're gonna cut up onions to help with the flu, put 'em in your homemade soup. If there ends up being a Great Onion Shortage of 2013, it had better be because they were being used to make soup...not to be left out to dry up & just get gross, as well as bringing a different bacteria of mold & such into your home...making people sicker. Maybe?

And? STAY HOME! Fever? Coughing? Nausea? Sniffles? No one else wants. And you're not just giving it to other students or coworkers...they are taking it to their other jobs, families, stores. See how this works?

If you are smart enough to stay home, get rest! Your body needs to just close off the rest of the world to concentrate on getting better & fighting this junk! But, if you can't sleep...or your body is taking a break from sleeping, it has been suggested that you watch comedy, play board games, and/or drink hot chocolate. Why? These things keep your brain active (so a different kind of workout), plus laughing gets your feel-goods going, and the warmth, chocolate & sugar (minimal) of the cocoa gets those feel-goods moving, too. Oh...and steam! Let the steam from a hot bath or shower help loosen things up. Plus...a good bath or shower usually helps make you feel better, anyway.

Now then...if you are well & just want or need to keep up your's some stuff for you to try:

Continue to wash hands. See above. This cannot be stressed enough.

Keep taking Vitamin C. See above.

Drink water. Keep hydrated. Actual water...not just the other drinks that have water in them. WATER!

Oh...and you're supposed to exercise. Guess I should try to do this again. I just haven't gotten there. But still, exercise & stuff. Cuz it's good for you anyway.

Take your vitamins! TAKE 'EM!

Oh...and keep feeding yourself healthy stuffs! Fruits, veggies, soups, balanced meals...and some people do the smoothie thing. I have an immunity smoothie that I have from time to time. I would make sure to inhale it before volunteering at Lil Guy's school. Here's how to make it:


Sweet & Tart Immunity Smoothie 
(aka to my kiddos - blood punch)

Orange Juice
1 bottle DanActive immunity yogurt smoothie (I like Strawberry Banana or the mixed berries)
1/2 - 1 packet Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate (this used to be under the "immunity" & "antioxidant" label)

Add a little OJ at the bottom of the glass
Add the Crystal Light powder
Stir very well
Pour the DanActive into a juice glass
Fill the rest of the glass with OJ
Stir well again

** It's really sweet & tart...and looks like blood punch. But I really like it!!!


I'm also all about lots of color in dishes & multi-colored pasta, lots of veggies...I love color anyway & sure love it within my food, too. And more than just M&M's & Skittles. I use a 15-bean mix for my ham & beans, and I love using all the bell pepper colors when making dirty rice, and I love using squash & root veggie mixes with my pasta, or a beautiful stir fry with a lot of color...even a really good fruit salad with lots of berries is fantastic. Froot Loops totally count too, right? No? Although, I do see chocolate & coffee as vegetable based...cuz, you know...they come from beans! Duh! Oh...and wine comes from grapes. Hey! Those things do have their own health benefits, too, you know...
Can you totally feel the antioxidants working just by reading all of that?

People...what it comes down to is a matter of taking care of yourselves. Please! It's considered the worst flu season in years! (I know, I know...when isn't it, right?) But there have seriously been places closing. Churches have been handling services differently. Not sure how host/hostesses & door greeters are gonna handle their jobs soon. There is a Wally-World close by that has their cashiers wearing gloves. Seriously. i'm guessing masks might be next?


Stay healthy, people. Take the extra measures. It won't hurt your ego or confidence if you're doing this stuff to be healthy.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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