Monday, February 18, 2013

AM~Erica Gets All Gussied Up

So anyway...

If you haven't noticed yet, but I've kept up on my blogging as of lately! It's only taken me 9 months to get in my second hundred blog posts...and only 5 years for my first hundred. Yeah...I'd say it's become quite a habit.

And much like MY 100th BLOG POST, I will make this one a happy one, too! As a matter of fact, I'm getting all gussied up for this one...

*ahem* Did you catch it?

~ This is Blog Post # 200!!!! ~
*glitter & confetti cannon*

Even though hubby & I really FEEL ODD ABOUT VALENTINE'S DAY, we did have a full weekend of date nights! It started out with CELEBRATING OUR ENGAGEMENT ANNIVERSARY. It's always good to have a romantic time to keep the relationship going! Amm-i-rite?

Well, we got invited to quite a fundraising gala by a really awesome & fun couple at church! (Yes, people...they do exist...and we know several, thank you very much!) It was to raise funds for a local university. And, for those familiar with the KC area & downtown, it was held at the Mulbach Tower!
Fan-C! Amm-i-rite?

Black "vintage" (but not actually) thrifted Isaac Mizrahi dress, my PIECE-OF-ART SHOES,
green accent accessories, decorative hosiery & a cocktail ring to match my shoes...

Oh...and a fantabulous metallic clutch

Then my hubby & I took in something we had never done before...
Valet Parking!
That was kind of crazy, some random-esque dude (I take it he worked with the valet...but I can't be sure...but we'll pretend he did) totally opened my door, and then helped me out of the car & up onto the curb! He totally carried me! No he didn't, but he did take my hand & helped me while my hubby handed over the car to the guy in an over-the-top hotel bell boy type uniform!

And as we got in there, the school pulled out ALL the stops: the choir sang al la GLEE-style & their Catholic dance team danced to a super sped up version of "Pour Some Sugar on Me." ( read that right) Plus there was an auction. The silent auction happened first, and then the hardcore auctioneering showed up later...

But this is what we saw when we first found our table:

There was a fancy-schmancy salad plate at each place that had bell peppers & pecans set in a red cabbage leaf bowl! And the bowl was a REAL leaf, y'all!! There were a bunch of forks & a couple of knives...and 1 spoon. Good thing I was up on my fancy-schmancy fine-dining knowledge to know what they were all for! Whew-wee!

The salad was superly delicious! Bowl & all! (Ok, my hubby ate my pecans, but whatevs.) We had complimentary antioxidant-fortified Jesus water, coffee, a surf & turf meal that was oh-so-tasty, bread...and a couple of ab~fab desserts! Oh, and actual water, too.

We were pleased with the folks at our table. We already knew the fun couple...DUH! There was also another guy invited that we knew & SO happy was there! Then there were some other folks about our age that were at the table, too. One of the couples looked familiar, but it was the 1st time we got to talk to them. 

Our table was so dressed up, so much fun...and we didn't bid on a single thing. *shrugs* Oops.

But hubby & I got to take in yet another great date night! And looking good doing it!

Yep...totally used an elevator door to get a reflection of my outfit, metallic clutch & black wrap...
Oh...and apparently a creepy guy checking it out. Umm...ew!

Maybe he was just checking out my backward necklaces...right? Amm-i-rite? Geez...

Hubby & I stealing an elevator reflection moment...cuz..."Gussied Up"! DUH!
Hubby & I looking good & enjoying our date night #2 on our Engagement Anniversary Weekend!

We got to take in a moment of dancing to a great band for the after party, plus a "dessert bar" (tarts...that were delicious & adorable) plus a coffee bar. Uh...yeah we were taking that in!

There was also an open cash bar that we did not do...or the photo booth. Bummer...but we have these things at home called "kids" hubby felt he needed to preach in the morning & be coherent. Whatever! hehe

Then we had the valet get the car...and we got to stand under a bunch of heating lamps. Aw-yeah! Then my hubby was handed back the car, and a random-esque dude picked me up & placed me in my he didn't, but he did take my hand & helped me off the curb & waited til I was all situated on the passenger side of the car...
Hubby said that he'll take in valet parking from now on if he can! Can you say *SPOILED*??

This brought our whirlwind weekend of dates to a close. We celebrated right nice, don'cha think?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica