Thursday, February 14, 2013

It is AM~Erica's Engagement Day

So anyway...

I'm not sure if you're aware yet or not...but it's Valentine's Day! Did you know? Did you remember?

Well, it is. But if you are cringing at that thought, well then, Happy Friday Eve (aka - "Thursday")! It's February 14th. Better?

There's a lot love floating in the air today. It' kind of crazy. And a bit frustrating, too.

Can you feel the pressure in the air, too? It's pretty intense. Why is it that people (OK...mostly the girls of the  female species) feel the need to have such high expectations on this day every year?

Don't get me wrong. Today is an important day in the relationship history of hubby & me. It was 17 years ago today that I was proposed to...and OBVIOUSLY SAID "YES" TO MY PRINCE CHARMING.

Oh-so-many couples get married &/or engaged on today. Even a first date probably happens, too. is super cliche' anymore, and it's a major joke that it's all Hallmark's fault.

I totally feel the same way about Valentine's Day as I FEEL ABOUT MOTHER'S DAY & Father's Day. You should be showing your love & appreciation all year long. Why wait for 1 day out of the year? *sigh* What? Birthdays & anniversaries aren't enough?

And let's send tons of things that can disappear by being consumed or will die in a few days. Shall we? Don't get me can give me chocolate any time you want! But there are people who are trying to get into a healthier lifestyle, have allergies, or HAVE CHANGED SOMETHING UP FOR LENT. Price gauging of roses? Pa-Sha! They'll be dead in a week! *face palm* A 5 lb. box of chocolate? Hopefully you got a gift card for new clothes so a bigger size may be purchased. A teddy bear is for a 3rd grader or someone with a continuing stuffed animal hoarding addiction. Dinner places will be crowded! You really want to wait 3 hours to sit in a crowded foyer on the lap of your date & 3 others? Awkward!

Stuff to think about, people!

Now then...for my single friends, please don't get discouraged & feel like you need all of this for this one day. It's a manufactured holiday based on commemorating St. Valentine's death. You're welcome.

But I said, this is an important day in my own relationship history. And even though my very romantic hubby feels the same way I do about these holidays, we do want to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement.

So, even though we do give into the holiday, my hubby said the sweetest thing to me this morning. He leaned over, kissed me & said,
"Happy Engagement Day!
Awwww...I love it! That's what this day will be considered to us from now on!

Happy Engagement Day to my Hubby & me
17 years ago, I said "Yes!"

Now then, go show love to those you love & appreciate Every Single Day. Don't wait for just 1 or 2 times a year. Got it?

And for all my single friends, you don't need someone to call "valentine" to know you're loved. Blow off the pressure of today! OK?

** Side Note: Today would have also been my Grandma Burr's birthday. SHE IS MISSED OH-SO-VERY MUCHLY..

Oh...and, folks...quit wishing people "Happy VD". That's something you need a doctor for...and no one is happy to find that out. Amm-i-rite?

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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