Sunday, February 10, 2013

AM~Erica Says Farewell to Little Timmy

So anyway...

It's been about a year & a half since Lil Guy has had any sort of dental removal. He was in kindergarten when he lost his 1st 2 teeth about a month apart from each other. So, we just figured we were off & running with the whole "Hey, My Kid Looks Toothless" thing.

After those 1st 2 teeth...we checked around his mouth often. We we couldn't figure out why there was no more extra movement going on with the pearly whites of his pie hole. What was going on?

When WE ALL WENT TO SEE THE DENTIST, we were shown Lil Guy's X-rays...ALL of his roots were still running deep. Apparently it would still take a while before much would happen. Great...that means he'll be 14yo & still yanking out baby teeth, then! Amm-i-rite? Geez!

Now...remember I said he lost those 1st 2 teeth in kindergarten? He went thru the entire 1st grade without a single tooth budging. How annoying! All these other kiddos losing teeth...but not Lil Guy... *sigh*

Here he is, into the 2nd grade...and late in the fall, we starting noticing the slightest bit of movement in his 2 front teeth! Woo Hoo!! We figured that he'd be singing a certain Christmas song come holiday time...

"All I wan' for Chrithmath ith my two fron' teeth, my two fron' teeth, my two fron' teeth. All I wan' for Chrithmath ith my two fron' teeth, tho I can with you Merry Chrithmath!"

But...Christmas time has come & gone, and so has a new year. Guess what we are still working on! Yep...those pesky front teeth! Even the teeth on either side of them are wiggly, but we just knew those front ones would be coming out soon!

Here lately, one of those teeth has been much, MUCH more wiggly. As I spoke to Lil Guy about it, and because he's my son, and our brains tend to work differently than most, we had a discussion about these teeth. It went something like this:

ME:  So, let me check those teeth. *messes with teeth trying not to be bitten* Whoa! Little Timmy is still hanging on for dear life! When is he going skydiving?

LG:  Little Timmy? Who's 'Little Timmy'?

ME:  Your tooth, silly! The one hanging on for dear life!

LG:  Oh!!

ME:  So...when is Little Timmy going skydiving? Is he waiting for Little Tommy, you know...your other push him out?

LG:  No...Little Timmy isn't going anywhere just yet. And Little Tommy isn't pushing him out yet.

ME:  Oh, OK. If you're sure...

LG:  So, what's my tooth's name?

ME:  Well, I don't know. What is it?

LG:  Hmmm...I think it's Little...hmmm...TERMINATOR!

ME:  Really? You're gonna call it 'Little Terminator'?

LG:  *grinning* Yep!

ME:  That's impossible! When he jumps, he 'won't be bahhk'. *face palm* (yep...think Arnold-like)

LG:  *laughs*

ME:  So, does Little Timmy need help skydiving? Looks like he's just bungee jumping right now...

LG:  NO! *face palm*

Now then...we've been trying to coax Little Timmy into going skydiving. I just knew Little Tommy wanted his own space & just figured he'd be pushing Little Timmy out at any time!

We even offered to throw a couple of punches at Little Timmy to try to help out. For some reason, Lil Guy wasn't too excited about that thought. Whatever!

Yesterday, during the very final couple of seconds of Lil Guy's basketball game, he ended tangled with another kid & went down to the floor as the other kid tripped over Lil Guy's face! YIKES! Apparently there was quite a bit of blood coming from where Little Timmy has been residing. So, we figured that the eviction of Little Timmy was immanent! Little Timmy just didn't want to leave.

Last night, Lil Guy was really working on Little Timmy. I really figured Little Timmy would've taken the leap last night. It was making me crazy seeing Little Timmy pointing at me. I'm pretty sure I saw Little Tommy roll his enamel at the whole situation. But Lil Guy decided to give Little Tommy a break for the night. Grrrrr...! As SOON as I got in bed, Lil Guy called me into his room. I was prepared for Lil Guy to be hoisting Little Instead I was beckoned just to be told that Little Timmy was just hanging by a thread...he felt his tooth pop out of place. We were getting vewwy, vewwy close.

I got Lil Guy up this morning for church & saw that Little Timmy was still in place. I guess Little Tommy was still asleep or something...
But I did tell Lil Guy that I just KNEW that Little Tommy's skydiving would be inevitable today! Within about 10 minutes...Lil Guy called for me...and...

That's right! Little Timmy took the plunge! Or Little Tommy couldn't deal with it anymore...not sure which...

But now Lil Guy's looks have already changed drastically. *sigh* And soon enough, Little Tommy will jump, too. That will really change up Lil Guy's looks. I'm guessing he'll start looking older with the big teeth coming in. *cries a little*

Yes, I've been thru this before. Keep in mind that it's been a long time. OK? And...this is my baby! Remember?

Alright...guess we need to prepare for Little Timmy's ascension trip with the Tooth Fairy. He has taken his final leap into Tooth Heaven...

Good Bye, Little Timmy! Good Bye!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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