Saturday, February 2, 2013

AM~Erica Would Love to Know WhoDunnit

So anyway...

I finally found a little umph to UPDATE YOU ABOUT MY CONDITION.

I made it thru Lil Guy's game. He did really well. And I was barely hanging in there. I really needed to go get checked out... I went after the game. I waited nearly an hour for my turn...and I probably dozed off & on. Being curled up in the uncomfortable chair I had taken over. I think there was only one well person waiting, for whatever reason. I say that since he sat there using his jacket as a mouth shield. I was entertained...but on the inside. I didn't feel well enough to openly laugh...or I might have.

I must've lost track of where we were in patient order...and I didn't feel like getting up & checking. I was too curled up in my uncomfortable check...but I was surprised I had already been called back. But I was thankful...

My glands were so swollen, I could hardly talk. The gal I was talking to was concerned I couldn't breathe. But it just hurt that bad to get words out.

Now...before we go any further...I have to share a concern I had:
When I was in the 8th grade, I came down with a form of mono. Yuck. And I will say it's the worst sore throat I've ever endured in my life! But, as I thought back, the doctor never said how long it might take to heal or the amount of downtime. I remember heading back to school after staying home for 2 days. I know there were several others who had mono that had to be home for weeks...even months. I guess I was just REALLY tough! Amm-i-rite? No? All I know is that I had a "form of mono". We were told it was called Monospot. However...when I did some research on it (cuz we didn't have those means back in '88) I found that Monospot was followed up by the word "test".'s a monospot test to check for mononucleosis! *face palm*

I tell you all of that to tell you this: I was very concerned my mono had flared back up. The swollen & painful glands (although...not like I had experienced during my 8th grade year), the being oh-so-rundown...I was worried. I was actually hoping that my cold decided to rise up & rebel against me.

So I sat in the room trying my hardest to answer questions. And I had a migraine flaring up, too. Ugh.

That gal swabbed my throat. She thought I might have a fever, but I didn't have much of one at all. While the strep swab test was processing, I brought up the mono thing. She said it crossed her mind, too...and wanted to test for it. *gulp* (ouch)

Well...the swab came back positive. *sigh* But in all my efforts to do a good job keeping any sickness at bay (which I was doing a pretty good job), I had come into contact with someone who had strep. Bleh. So...who was it? Just as I was getting my cold wrapped up, my immunity system decided to open the door to allow in a new villain. Grrrr...

Oh...and that testing for mono thing? Nothing much came up. Why did nothing much come up? We couldn't get enough blood flowing for the test. Ugh! Another weird thing: I'm what is considered, in the medical world, as a "gusher." There is generally absolutely no problem drawing blood from me...sometimes I give extra. Not by choice, but by nature. However...this was the 2nd time EVER there were issues. The other time was the sickest I have ever been with a kidney infection. That's a whole story by itself...

So...there's still the chance that stupid mono stuff might be flared up. But the biggest thing was the sneaky strep. *sigh*

I got penicillin to try to kill this stuff off...after just one dose...much of the swelling has gone down, I broke any fever I had...and I can swallow! And more rest...not like I didn't get over 24 hours worth in a 36-48 hour period.

Now I just need to get my full 24 hours in of antibiotics so we can be OK with people coming over for the Super Bowl. Just won't be quite ready for church in the morning...*sigh*

So the question is still out there...
Who was it that gave me this stuff? Who was it? Was it you?

And don't worry...I'm taking care of myself.

*psst* Hey...was it you? Just wondering...*ahem*

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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