Thursday, February 28, 2013

AM~Erica is Finding Peace Again

So anyway...



Do you hear that? Nope! Me neither!

It's the sound of near silence. I say "near silence" since the TV is on in the background, but as I am typing at this point, there is no other sound.

Generally...that should be scary to a mom. "What are they up to...?"

However...I am sitting here & enjoying my coffee. In peace, y'all! In Peace!

There is no arguing over how someone is playing the video game on the Wii, or which movie we should watch, or that anyone is so hungry even though they ate 5 minutes ago, or askin 1283.639 times what we are having for dinner, or that there is a video we need to watch & just playing it before asking if we want to see it...
None of it! Cabin fever is broken! School is back in session!! WOOT!!!

My kiddos weren't quite as excited...but we will keep reminding them of this when they might have to go to June to make up these days. Bwah-hahahahaha...!!!

I think I need to break out into a mama dance like many others in the area:

The only downside of today was having to get up so early to kick them out the door...I make sure they got up at a decent time so they could eat & get ready to go back to school and see their friends! That's totally what I meant. Really...what?

We have been cooped up for nearly an entire week due to THESE CRAZY SNOW STORMS! The 1st one was "The Storm of the Century", and then we had "The Blizzard of OZ" show that one up with more snow just a few days later!

I think, around here, everyone crammed as much as possible into a 3-day span between the 2 storms. Last week, the kiddos had 3 days of school. Then, on Thursday, when the storm hit, and school was called off for that day AND long weekend of family bonding. (That's what we're gonna attempt to call it. OK? Got it?) Monday, this week, came & the kiddos had school...and then The Blizzard of Oz school on Tuesday or Wednesday. Two weeks ago was a shortened week, too!  If I figured it out correctly (cuz math is SO NOT my thing, yo), the kiddos have had 2ish weeks of school attendance in February. (give or take a couple of days & how you view the weeks)

I need today!! NEED!!

Don't get me wrong, I love my children. Dearly...but mama needs some peace, too.

Who knows...maybe THE MAGIC MISTER SNOWFALLFELEES might do a magic show for me! He did tell me he's working on a trick of making the snow disappear...but I'm supposed to give him time while he perfects that trick. I understand...every magician needs to practice new tricks & illusions.

In the meantime...I might get some stuff done...without being interrupted to pour some milk or tea for one of the kiddos or to get them something to eat.

Wow...I'm all out of whack! What am I gonna do with myself...??

And for those of you who still have kiddos with you today...hopefully you can join in the mom dances with me tomorrow...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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