Saturday, February 23, 2013

AM~Erica Wants a Sandcastle

So anyway...

Even though I WAS SICK THRU THE BIG GAME, I still enjoyed watching the Super Bowl. I wasn't contagious any more (supposedly), but I kept my distance from company as best as I could.

I did enjoy getting some of my wit back to poke fun at the game, the coaches, the halftime, the power outages, the not a total waste. Plus, I even called a few things before my hubby did during the game. See? FOOTBALL IS TOTALLY IN THIS GIRL, RIGHT HERE! *fist bump* Anyone? that the Big Game is done & over...and Coach Harbaugh came out victorious with his team (*snort* I crack myself up sometimes) we are shifting the focus to the next part of professional football:
The Combine!

You know...the moment when many college (and maybe other) prospects dropped their names into the draft hat & hope to show off their amazing skills to NFL teams in hopes of being chosen & put on an NFL uniform. This is where many drills are run & numbers are taken to compare in hopes of competing to be chosen for a higher place in the draft. Scouts, agents, owners, general managers, and coaches are all trying to see new potential for the game, and hopefully to find good fits for each team.

So, this brings me back to a portion of the Super Bowl that a lot of people look forward to...the commercials! Amm-i-rite?

Overall, there was a major lacking in the commercials this year. A few stood out, but there is one that I want to talk about. And you may know where I'm going with this, but that's OK...

Believe it or not, the commercial was for the NFL Combine!

Do you remember it?

OK...I know it's quite a stretch...but I'M REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE CHIEFS' SEASON coming up! The changing of the guard in hierarchy certainly has people pining & jonesing for a better season! Amm-i-rite?

Right in the midst of the fan base recharging, this commercial came out. Even though we desperately need a quarterback...and with John Dorsey (KC's new GM) saying he would take the best player out there, regardless of the position, a firestorm was set off, even if for a couple of days, of what would happen if we landed a "Sandcastle."

With Dieon trying to throw the staff off by changing his name to "Leon", and then totally playing our our quarterback's name (Matt 'Cassle'), a new pheonom was created! And he would be the best player out there, which would totally make sense for him being KC's 1st pick in the draft!

It was crafty. It was creative. And it got KC going even more...'s the combine. We need a quarterback...but with no one (not even Heisman winner, Johnny "Football" Menziel), we need the best out there...

I want a Sandcastle!!! Anything to totally charge us up the way KC Chiefs' fans should be! Let's see who the best of best of anything out there is! And let's git'em!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

** SIDE NOTE: Leon Sandcastle is not who you think it is! It's NOT Dieon Sanders...totally... the athletic part of Leon: It's Andre Dawson, the cornerback at Ball State! Still want Sandcastle? I'll take him...

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