Monday, February 4, 2013

AM~Erica's Vacay Ideal is Quite Different Than Many Others

So anyway...

I find it funny when people go on their vacations, honeymoons, etc. that they feel like they need to tell others that's where everyone else needs to go to. Why is that? I'm glad you enjoyed your stay. I'm glad it's what you dreamed it to be...but...what if it's not my taste?

Here's the dealy-hoo, folks: I am in no mood EVER to go to a warm-to-hot spot for a vacation location.

At least twice in the past couple of weeks, hubby & I were both told, by different people, we need to go to Jamaica. It kind of makes me laugh! I mean, I've seen pictures, it looks lovely...but it's not my bag! Neither is the whole Hawaii thing. I don't want to go to Mexico or Brazil, either. Again...I am sure these are lovely & wonderful places...I just don't have a drive to go there.

Now then, I love the crispy-cooly fall-feelin' weather. If you paid attention to my FAMILY VACAY TO SEATTLE, you will understand. And, if you paid attention at all to any of my LOVE FOR FALL, will understand.

Plus, that whole FINDING A SWIMSUIT THING just makes me shudder.

I know, I know...I've heard about wearing sleeves & hanging out in the shade. Blah-blah. Why would I want to go to Hawaii to hang out in the shade? I know it's about the view & stuffs...but I'm perfectly happy with viewing pictures of it.

Most folks' idea of paradise...I am not one of those folks

Now then...I also realize that a lot more people probably really enjoy the warm weather stuffs. I will never be the person to tell you that you MUST go to Seattle or Colorado for vacay. It might not be YOUR thing. I will tell you how much I enjoyed it & why. It's up to YOU to decide if you want to try it.

Wanna know my dream vacation? Getting to go on a Bed & Breakfast hiking trip in the Northeast during Autumn's peak time. Seriously. That is my top thing I would love to do. Or Autumn peak in a cabin...*sigh*

My idea of absolute paradise

I've heard that hubby & I should do a cruise, too. If it were on the way up to Alaska, then sure! I'm in! I would love to visit the U.K. someday, too. You know...the whole England, Ireland, Scotland thing!

You know...if you go on a vacay want to be able to take in many of the things in the area. Hanging out in the shade & praying for nightfall is not high on any of my vacationing lists.

A lot of the vacation advice tends to fall around the same lines on people telling others how to be during their pregnancy, raise their kids, how to get well, where to live, etc... Especially if you've never experienced these things. Oh...that one REALLY gets me!

I'm never one to do one-on-one advice unless I'm asked for it. I'm still not fond of it, though. Why? Because I don't live your life. I get a glimpse of it...but it's not enough for me to tell you what you actually like or how to run your life. And I don't know what you're feeling. (Que up Natasha Beddingfield's "Unwritten": 'Feel the rain on your skin; no one else can feel it for you. Only you can let it in.') I will throw out to the general public what has worked for me. Like in my blog posts. But it's up to you if you want to take hold of any of the ideas. But I will never walk up to you & tell you what you are doing is wrong & that my way is right & you should be just like me. What sense does that make? However, if you ask me to brainstorm WITH you...that's a bit different. Several of my being asked for advice have actually become more of a brainstorming session instead. Way better!

A perfect example was when we had a leash kid. Some people were very bothered by it, and even laughed at us & our kid. We were one of those people before, too...until we had a kid that needed a monkey backpack. You know what? It was for total safety reasons. And we got it. And we felt horrible for judging the other people we would gripe about doing it to their own kids. So...until you are in that, or any situation, you don't have any right to tell me that I'm parenting wrong, or whatever.

You know...I realize everyone tries to help. I do think it's sweet people try so hard to jump in with their 2 cents worth. And I've had a whole lot of it! Just note that if you are giving me your unwarranted advice, anywhere from 2-20 others are doing the same thing. And, please don't be offended, but I don't listen to it.

But trust me...when I need actual advice, I will ask for it. That's when I break down the advice to see what might work best for me/us. Like good vacation spots that will be not too hot.

And, as a side note...why is it folks will give you advice when you don't want or need it, but will have nothing to say when advice or feedback is asked for? Think on that one...and are you one of those who do it?'s something for all of us to dwell upon:

Wisdom is knowing when & how to share your knowledge.

Oh...and my hubby feels the same way I do about these vacation spots we love & want to go to. It's only a smidgen of why we work so well together.

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


  1. My sister insisted on taking me 4-wheeling on our last visit. Forty-five minutes to drive six miles, and while the destination was quite lovely, I was so beaten-to-death by the journey that I couldn't enjoy it. Rocky - and I mean rocks the size of basketballs - with sheer cliffs to one side and sheer drop-offs to the other, it was the closest I've ever felt to real peril (because it was). It was standing on the edge of a precipice having someone punch you in the kidneys every thirty seconds or so. When she asked me if I enjoyed it, I lied and said, "Yes", and upon arriving back at her house, slept for eighteen hours.

    Oh, and should you ever make it to Ireland, I have one piece of practical advice. I'll wait until you ask, though. :)

    1. I know that feeling. And thank you, me. You will know when I will need the advice. LOL!