Tuesday, February 26, 2013

AM~Erica is Sitting Here

So anyway...

Round 2!

The snow storms have hit again. SNOWPACOLYPSE II HIT just a few days ago...and now the BLIZZARD OF OZ HAS OFFICIALLY COME!

And we are hunkered down. And we are sitting here.

I am so blessed to be able to have a warm home, electricity, coffee, food...we can be settled in. And I know that not everyone has all of these things...if any at all.

This round has placed me in a very contemplative mood. HERE I GO BLOGGING AGAIN...but there are things that I think about, or things that come to the forefront that need to be thought about.

Being snowed in, and while the news people are staying on air thru this whole thing to remind us that it's snowing & to stay inside, we are almost used to it. And this time around, as the snow gently falls & quickly builds, it causes me to pause.

I still have other things I want to cover, but this sitting & contemplating has brought on other thoughts...

I've already covered part of my thinking of how blessed I am/we are. I was making cinnamon rolls, from a tube that we could buy from the store, and getting the coffee ready...I couldn't help but think about it. Again...I do so hope that those who don't have the blessings we have readily available could at least get to somewhere to have their needs met in this mess.

But I also have the blessing of wifi to stay connected to everyone. We are sharing our pics & stories with each other & making sure everyone is OK. This is nice side of social media. You know...the caring & sharing of our lives side...not the NASTY MUD THROWING as has not even let up. Ugh to all of you who are keeping up on that! Shame on you! Trying to be all inspirational & then throwing someone under the bus right after the other! Cut that crap out! Either be your rude "informative" (term used very loosely) self OR lift others up! You can't be both!


Like I said..."contemplating"...a lot.

I also came across a blog post from a page I enjoy following on Facebook. The owner of the page flagged down her followers to have them read a blog from another page. I read the blog, and was totally taken. Because it's an IMPORTANT ISSUE THAT I TALK ABOUT HERE, too. The page I follow said she would cover the same subject soon...and I was looking forward to it. And she posted it today...

Friends, I cannot stress enough how much I NEED you to read THIS LINK RIGHT HERE from Frugalista Blog.

I'm still shaken by her words. Like she's been inside my head. It scares me...in a good way. But still scary. And it should be.

As this day continues...and it's a lazy day while being snowed in...I will continue to contemplate, I will be thankful for my blessings, and I will be thankful for all of you who read my ramblings. I appreciate you for hanging with me for the insanity that runs thru my brainy-brain...whether it's funny, weird, informative, or sad...the support from each of you is another blessing I truly count.

Now...onto spending some quality time with the blessings I'm hunkered down with here...

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica


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    1. Truly...thank you. So, so much. And I really do love your other stuff, too. Today was so important!