Monday, February 25, 2013

AM~Erica Experiences a Dangerous Combo

So anyway...

Not sure if you've heard yet, but the midwest was HIT WITH A MAJOR SNOW STORM a few days ago. I know! It was a shock! Imagine how surprised I was when they had called off school for a flurry...that built up to be about 8-10 inches of fast-falling-flurrying.
(Obviously brought to you by the letter 'F')

After the crazy amounts of snow & plowed mounds that are already dangerous to try to get around...we are preparing for yet another round! And it's another round of a whole lot!! Like...probably more than the last round! YIKES!!

Look at what's coming, people! LOOK AT THIS!!!

This is the prediction for our area. Hunker Down, folks...A storm's a-comin'!!

I do know that many of you in Colorado & Kansas have already been hit with it or are getting it right now. It's a slow-moving sucker that just keeps dumping on our parades!

It's Insanity, People!!

So, as we prep for another hunkerin', the stores hardly had time to restock anything.

Hubby & I missed our usual Friday shopping due to the last blast of winter, so we had to try to work it into our crazy know...when everyone else was trying get out of their own walls, too. Partially to prep for the next hunkerin' down.

The only way I can describe what we experienced is this...
Survivor: Walmart.

Holy Cannoli!
The shear numbers of people? Insane.
The number of carts crammed into any given aisle? Insane.
The shocking amount of bare shelves due to hoarding? Insane.

Kinda getting the idea?

I was blessed to get one gallon of milk, a big jug of OJ, any sour cream, the last bag of shredded carrots, the last bagged celery was frightening!
If you wanted shredded lettuce or salad mix, sliced bread, eggs, almost any shredded cheese...well, you were out of luck! It was so insane.

And the level of characters out at one time beat out a normal hectic run to Wally World. I think one of my "favorites" (term used very loosely) was the short, heavy, colored lady who about ran me over...
She had no cart. I did. So did a lot of people in front of me who ended up in a big cart jam in a main way. This gal got on her tiptoes & yelled in my ear (I think to "clear the jam"), "BEEP, BEEP!!!"
Seriously, lady? Seriously? *face palm*

The whole trip was stressful. Hubby & I were out of breath trying to work thru the mess of the freak-out shoppers. I think folks are confusing this next Snowpacolypse with the actual Apocalypse. You 5 days ago.

Even worse? Based on the big, scary mounds I talked screwed up parking spaces in majorly busy parking lots! People...we saw an entire row of parking spaces gone because that's where the plows stopped...and shoppers used those areas for parallel parking. Ca-Ray-Zay!! if all this insanity isn't messing with everyone...I noticed something: THE FULL MOON!

Oh great! If snow doesn't mess with people's heads we gotta add the stupidity levels...
*face palm*

So...a second major snow storm (this one has delightfully been referred to as "The Blizzard of OZ"...Love It! The name...not the storm...) on top of a full moon. No wonder people are losing it!

I want a medal for surviving Walmart during that! Where Is My Medal???

Winter's procrastination amazes me. We got maybe an inch in the last winter We've had a snowfall here already that didn't amount to a whole lot...but more than all of last winter put together...but now we have 5 winters worth of snow that Jack Frost keeping stockpiled in the closet & forgot to bestow on us out of laziness...I'm guessing. And just when Jack found all that stockpile, he unveiled the other stockpile that he stockpiled on top of. So, now he's gifting us with what he's been saving up... the last part of winter...
Way to wait there, Jack!

Oh...and here's your warning:
My brainy-brain has been on warp speed...and since snowy days seem to be a PRIME TIME FOR MOMMY BLOGGERS...and it appears we will be cooped up "lovingly" with each other for a couple of days ready for an onslaught of blog product from my brain factory.

You're welcome...

Stay warm & safe, y'all!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica

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