Sunday, February 3, 2013

AM~Erica Hopes to Join in the Super Bro HarBowl

So anyway...

I'm trying to get on the mend. However, I DO FEEL YUCKY-YUCK WITH THIS JUNKY-JUNK. I've decided that these next few days, I should turn this nasty strep stuff into a spectacle & call myself...
Cruddy Ew-Ew. (See what I did there?)

All of this came in bad timing, too. I know, I know...when does it ever? But this is for really-realz, yo!

Unless you have lived under a should know that today is Super Bowl Sunday! And this chic LOVES ME SOME FOOTBALL! (Blame my hubby.)

The last few years, we've just watched with just our family. Seriously...just the hubby, the kiddos, and moi inhaling some wings, nachos, and other tailgating fair while watching the game...well, usually just the commercials. But, if you know me, I wanted to have something bigger one of these days...

Things have been really crazy around here...more than just the sicky stuffs, too. So, we didn't get to plan a get together like I/we had hoped. However, we have a little bit of family coming over...mostly since they won't get to watch at their place. So they get to catch the event & we get to have people over! Woot! We were planning who was bringing what for quite a tailgating spread.

And then...strep happened! GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

I am really bummed that I couldn't stay for worship last weekend since I hit an exhaustion wall with my cold...then this strep thing hit...and I am contagious until I've had antibiotics set in for 24 hours. Well, this means missing worship for the 2nd week. This bums me out to no end. Seriously. I enjoy going to church. However, I will have antibiotics set in for over 24 hours by the time guests come.

Now, I gotta be a slave driver for everyone else to clean. And a lot needs to be done! Since I've been ill for the last 2+ weeks, I couldn't get a whole lot done. *sigh*

In the meantime, I am hoping to to get to a spot that I can enjoy some of the food, watch a game between the leadership of brothers, and...the commercials!

So...I want to put out a little poll for y'all to join in on. You can just put your answers in the comments, below, here on the post. Are you ready?

Who will be victorious in Super Bowl XLVII?

~ Baltimore Ravens

~ San Fran 49ers

~ Coach Harbaugh

~ New Orleans

~ The commercials

~ I don't care since I don't watch

~ other to continue to get well for company. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday! Enjoy the game festivities, whatever it is you're doing!

Stay tuned...

God Bless, AM~Erica (aka "Cruddy Ew-Ew")

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